Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camp Harbor View Island 5k

Kristen met me at work tonight and we drove a mile to Marina Bay for a 5:15 ferry full of runners heading to Long Island about two miles away. It is one of 34 islands in the Boston Harbor. The race is almost an out and back on the island. I caught up with Mike Digennaro - 2004 Olympic Trialist in the Steeple Chase on a warm up while finding the course rather hilly for the two mile warm up. I expected a flat course. I slid into 2nd place after 1200m, through the turn around until just before two miles in 10:50. Mike blew by me and the leader who had a stride on me and enroute to the course record, 16:38. I got passed the early leader, Christopher Kantos with about 1k remaining and finished in 2nd overall with a 17:06. A huge BBQ followed. I feasted on two Buffalo Chicken Burritos from Boloco while checking on my coworkers who ran the race. A total of ten Boston Scientific team members ran tonight. DMSE directed a fine race. I had a chance to talk to Dave McGillivray to see what he may have in store for future races like Mount Washington. I picked up a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card and Water Bottle for the effort then caught a 9:30 ferry back to Marina Bay.

Splits: 5:21 mile, 10:50 2 mile, mile 3 was ugly!
Full results
July 29, 2010 Event Direction: DMSE SPORTS Long Island, Boston Harbor, MA
Place Divpl Tot Div Nettime Pace Guntime Name Ag S Race# City/state

1 1/ 99 M3039 16:38 5:21 16:38 Michael Digennaro 32 M 686 Wilmington DE
New record. Old record 16:41 by Scott Munro in 2009
2 2/ 99 M3039 17:06 5:30 17:06 James Pawlicki 35 M 523 Beverly MA
3 1/105 M2029 17:18 5:34 17:18 Christopher Kantos 24 M 530 Boston MA
4 3/ 99 M3039 17:31 5:39 17:31 Murray McCutcheon 35 M 180 Boston MA
5 1/ 35 M4049 17:49 5:44 17:49 Jim Dina 48 M 573 Boston MA

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stowe 8 miler

Stowe, VT was the next stop in the USATF New England Grand Prix series. An odd distance of 8 miles is rare, however, not to the Grand Prix series as this race has hosted the championship in the past. The trip to Vermont allows me to visit some family so this weekend is a pleasure each time. Kristen booked us at the Old England Inn which turned out to be the race headquarters. In addition, the start and finish line were steps away from the property as well. I was able to get my bib number and shirt on Saturday just before a race reception was held out on the deck at the Inn. Following the reception, Kristen and I grabbed some dinner at the Pie in the Sky for a BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Logistics getting to the start was as easy. I rolled down the hill and was at the start with a four minute walk. CMS had over twenty five runners combined representing the racing team. Our open team got box four in a cross country style start on a field. Thus everyone but the leaders ate dust for the first 300m. I went through the first mile around 5:37 per Jeff Goupil who planned on starting the race with me. I failed to wear a watch so the rest of the splits are unknown and a good thing as I could tell that my pace began to crawl in second half of this rolling and scenic course. Most of the race was uneventful and I never really got into the race. Dave Dunham ran past me at mile seven and I had to get involved to keep up with him. Soon we were closing in on the finish where I kept a step in front of Dave. I finished in 55th place out of 885 runners. My official time of 46:28.2 was good for a 5:49 pace per mile. I was shooting for 5:40 pace. Thus missed it and not terribly down about the slower pacing.

Complete results with photos by Ted Tyler

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 Miler

The 23rd annual Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5 miler is hosted by the L Street Running Club. I began running this race due to the proximity near my work (2 miles away by ocean, 3 by car) a few years ago. The race moved from the Bay Side Expo to Boston College High School this year without issue. There was plenty of parking and the race expo with several shoe, sports, medical, and food vendors continued. My first mile was 5:20 and very comfortable in a lead pack of seven guys including Beverly neighbor, John Ayers. A tall lanky fellow was cheering the race on as we approached him, holding to ice cold bottles of water. He looked familiar but was not sure. It was Peter Brook (Sommerville Road Runners) who I have not seen in years (running or spectating). I tossed him a “nice to see you Peter, where the $#@!* have you been hiding?” I have not seen him in years. He was always a friendly face when I was kicking around at races a long time ago. I guess it was nice of me to break out conversation with Peter as if I owned the race during the 5:20 pace. It must have pissed off my competitors. The pace got spicy shortly there after when Andreas Heilmann picked it up and the pack went immediately into a single file.

We did a 180 and headed back to the school (start/finish area) shortly after the 2nd mile marker on Day Blvd. I fell one spot into fourth place by a few strides and passed mile three just under 16:00. This stretch was hot and the sun was in our eyes going toward Carson Beach before breaking left for some shade along the Dorchester Harbor Walk. I was right behind 3rd place heading past the 4 mile clock, 21:55, and already thinking about “what if this comes down to a kick or am I going to suck this up and take this guy down now.” Such a thought process is hilarious but I am sure we’ve all been there. To have some fire in the belly as the races closes into the last mile is good. It was as if I was running for a 3rd place pay off or something. I was pleased that the overall pace was still under 5:30 pace but we both were slowing as I took an inventory - soaking all of this in. There was less than 400m left and I knew exactly where the finish line was – it was hiding about 50 yards from the corner of the school and driveway we just entered. I dropped in a surge to pass him and wound up 3rd with a 27:30 in the last 60 yards.

I turned in the finish line shute to thank him for staying tough and having a great race. He complained of tightening up with cramps at the end. It happens. I was happy to be back in the 27’s for a 5 miler. I felt like I accomplished a lot with the effort and having a race within the race toward the end. Kristen and I are off for the Stowe 8 miler. It should be a hot one.
23rd Annual Sugar Bowl 5 Miler
Boston, MA, July 15, 2010
PLC Time Pace PLC/Group Name Town, State
1 26:40 5:20 1 25-29 Andreas Heilmann Boston,MA
2 27:05 5:25 1 20-24 Luke Dodge Brookline,MA
3 27:30 5:30 1 35-39 James Pawlicki Beverly,MA
4 27:32 5:30 1 16-19 Brendan Adams
5 27:49 5:34 2 25-29 Mike Brown Dowling Boston,MA
6 28:04 5:37 1 40-44 John Ayers Beverly,MA

Photo credits to Ted Tyler. You can see the rest of his photos here.

Complete results

Monday, July 5, 2010

John Carson 2 mile road race

I should have known something was wrong when the pre-reg table gals gave me bib #5. I got out pretty good at the start, careful not to rush out too fast. I was surprised how many people came back during the 1 mile. Mile 1 went by in 5:07 and felt pretty chipper. A surge or two later caught up with me as Andy Wedlake began to pull away. I heard cheers for "1st woman" over the last 800m. Steve Peterson "Petey" yelled at me to get going. My hammy screamed in pain but I hustled up the hill seeing the "monument" finish waiting. Andy finished just ahead of me at the line. The young lady, Andrea Walkonen, was right on me with a 10:16. She mentioned that she was trying to break her coaches, wifes, course record (she missed it). My dad walked over to shake my hand before he headed for a walk back to the start. I mused earlier in the morning that I was not sure I wanted to go to the race with the sore hamstring. He headed back for the 2 mile walk back to the car. I chatted with Andy Wedlake and Joe Doherty who spanked me at Washington a few weeks ago and then headed back with Dave Menard for a slow and sore 2 mile run back to the car. 10:12 in the books, four seconds slower than two years ago. I just saw coolrunning results six hours ago. The results have a Stephen Gendron where I was supposed to be, 10:12 for 12th place. Upon closer look at my bib, his name is scribbled on it. I was given the wrong bib.

**Granite State updated the results**
JOHN CARSON 2 MILE ROAD RACE July 5, 2010 2 Miles Chelmsford, Mass.
Place Div/Tot Div Time Pace Name Ag S Race# City/State
1 1/116 M1929 8:49.85 4:25 Louie Luchini 29 M 1521 Ellsworth ME
2 2/116 M1929 9:16.90 4:39 Jeffrey Veiga 19 M 158 Lowell MA
3 3/116 M1929 9:37.64 4:49 Brian Gagnon 22 M 25 Dracut MA
4 1/141 M3039 9:46.19 4:54 James St Pierre 39 M 1037 Dracut MA
5 4/116 M1929 9:49.62 4:55 Christopher Estrella 19 M 527 Lowell MA
6 5/116 M1929 9:52.80 4:57 David Metzger 24 M 1725 Medford MA
7 6/116 M1929 9:56.07 4:59 Jon Healey 27 M 1700 Chelmsford MA
8 1/225 M4049 10:03.22 5:02 Mike Cooney 48 M 1268 Chelmsford MA
9 7/116 M1929 10:05.83 5:03 Chris Brown 20 M 20 Chelmsford MA
10 2/141 M3039 10:08.51 5:05 Scott Ouellet 31 M 1560 Lowell MA
11 3/141 M3039 10:11.45 5:06 Andrew Wedlake 38 M 852 Westford MA
12 4/141 M3039 10:11.99 5:06 James Pawlicki 35 M 5 Beverly MA
13 1/102 F1929 10:15.54 5:08 Andrea Walkonen 23 F 1548 Boston MA
14 8/116 M1929 10:19.69 5:10 John Doherty 21 M 856 Chelmsford MA
15 1/40 M1718 10:20.86 5:11 Billy Warren 18 M 957 Chelmsford MA
16 2/225 M4049 10:22.39 5:12 Joe Donnelly 42 M 338 Dracut MA