Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wild Turkey 5 mile run - Salem, Ma

I signed Krissy and myself up for the race a few weeks ago. My plantar has been feeling a lot better. I have been wearing orthotics since October 25 and being more diligent with calf stretching recently. Krissy and I had a five minute drive over the bridge and into Salem. I met up with Scott Carrier and his friend Marc Gillaume for a warm up. The Nike Lunaracer2 was the weapon of choice to hit the Salem streets. After exchanging a few words at the starting line with Salem State University stud, Alex Gomes, the race of over 1400 runners bolted. My short lived lead for the first 200m saw Alex and Nick Rennie take command and down Derby Street. I passed the mile about three seconds back of them in 5:15. I was passed by Michael Nickeron leaving the Winter Island loop (2 miles or so). About two minutes later Christopher Chapruet went by me in the neighborhood behind the Salem Willows. Mile 3 provided a time of 16:25.72 about 10 yards behind Christopher. We were running the same pace through mile four (22:05, 5:39 split) after a climb after Dead Horse Beach that exits the Willows. I felt pretty good and thought that I could take a run at him. That surge never came forward aside from picking up my pace in the last 400m to see where my legs were at. I closed within four seconds of him for 5th overall and a respectable 27:30.6. I ran slower (27:43) last year so to run a quicker time a year later is solid.

1 ALEX GOMES PEABODY MA                           22 M * 20-24     26:18.9 5:16/M
2 NICK RENNIE SALEM MA                               28 M 1 25-29     26:53.6 5:23/M
3 MICHAEL NICKERSON SALEM MA                   22 M 1 20-24     27:15.0 5:27/M
4 CHRISTOPHER CHAPRUET DANVERS MA        19 M 1 15-19     27:26.7 5:29/M
5 JAMES PAWLICKI BEVERLY MA                     37 M 1 35-39     27:30.6 5:30/M

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  1. Good to see you are over the injury and back out there.