Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Dog Classy 3 mile fun run

Smiling before the pace would slow
Photo by Sandy Armstrong
Dad, Krissy, and I before the race
Photo by Dean Malerba
Joe OLeary sent out an email to the SRR email list and suggested this 3 mile road race last month. It is directed by a long time SRR member, Steve Martin who works at Lynn City Hall and coaches the Lynn Classical High School Girls Track team. The Lazy Dog Sports Bar played host to the race and funds support the Classical Girls track team. Krissy and I were all in for a local event that was no more than a mile from the casa. I ran over to the race, taking the long way for a 15 minute warm up. I got my number and ran for a few more minutes before getting sorted into the racing gear - lining up next to fellow SRR runners: Neil Finnegain and Amie. Ready, Set, Go was given by Steve and the crowd of 120 took off for the loop around Flax Pond. I passed the mile in 5:09. The pace slowed a bit as some head wind dominated on Rt. 129. Neighbor and friend Sandy was all over the course with baby Mia. I finished hard to the finish line in front of the Lazy Dog and my dad coaching, in 16:11 - 5:24 per mile pace for the 3 miles (full results). Krissy handled the course well as she and Sandy run the loop a few times a week. The sometimes coned course was well marked, had plenty of volunteers where needed at intersections, and the Lynn Police pace car looked out for my well being throughout the course which was mostly flat (two momentum breakers on Euclid Ave before mile 1 and Magnolia Ave around 2.4 miles). Kris and I hung out for the post race party with friends and neighbors. I spent the awarded gift certificate on lunch and wound up meeting a former owner of mi casa. It was a pleasure to get some interesting history. Looking ahead, I will be participating in the Great Stew Chase 15K in Lynn (pay $1/kilometer for pre-entry) on Super Bowl Sunday which unfortunately will not include the Patriots who got stuffed in the 2nd half tonight - picking a bad time to provide turnovers.

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  1. Jim: Looks like things are going pretty good. Nice SRR shirt. They're a good group. I did like seeing the olde school blue CMS singlet in your last post and thanks for the Level Renner shout out too.