Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wicked Frosty Four

Focused through Mile 1. Photo by KrissyK

I got off on the right foot, so to speak, at the Wicked Frosty Four mile road race in Salem with a rare road race win on the first day of the new year. I got lucky as the top three guys from last year were not on the starting line. I saw Alex Gomes and David Corbett at registration and knew they would be in the mix. My dad was at the start line. I ran over and gave him a hug and welcomed in the new year. He said, “make sure you come in top ten.” I got on the starting line next to EJ Hrynowski who had a nice Q&A profile LevelRenner. I lead the race after the first turn off of Front Street. I was waiting for Alex or David to catch up but it never materialized. Alex ended up pacing the female winner, former Salem State University runner (now with GBTC) Taylor Krajewski. His name was absent in the results so he saved his entry fee. I expect to see him on the indoor track busting out sub 5’s for a 5K in the next six weeks. I ran past Krissy somewhere near mile 1 as she was taking photos. I went forward chasing the lead vehicle, Salem Police Department’s cruiser with co-race director Allison Phelan in the passenger side seat. The wind was at my back, as expected and scouted during my warm up. Thus, the first two miles were effortless into the Salem Willows neighborhood despite the lack of company. The head wind was rather sobering leaving the Salem Willows at 2.5 miles and along Dead Horse Beach. It was me against the elements, really a true test of character. I thought of Dave Dunahm in this stretch toward mile three as I wished he was there in the battle as he was last year. I passed Krissy again now in another spot watching her cross the street to get the best camera angle for the following 686 runners. I never looked back to see how close second place was but stayed alert throughout the race, acknowledging for any vocal support behind me anytime I ran by spectators on the course. I high fived an officer holding up traffic to get me through a busy intersection and tried to stay focused and ensure that I don’t get run down in the last mile. The last turn finally came about with a slight decline down Front Street and into the finish seeing that my time was slower than last year (22:21 vs 21:51). My time would have put me in at 8th place last year. David came through shortly after I got a bottle of water. I gave a fist bump to the top ten runners before heading right out, wasting no time in the 30 degree weather, to run the four mile course again. The Salem News put out some positive press on the race in the paper which had the biggest turnout ever with 687 finishers.
Somewhere around 3 miles. Photo by KrissyK

Sixth Annual Wicked Frosty Four Miler 
Salem, MA, January 1, 2013
1  690 James Pawlicki        1/74   M3039 38 M Lynn            MA   22:21   22:22  5:36
2  401 David Corbett         1/34   M2029 29 M Stoneham     MA   23:06   23:07  5:47
3  673 Jason Barnes          1/58   M5059 50 M Salem           MA   23:29   23:30  5:53

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