Sunday, July 7, 2013

Firecracker 4 mile Swampscott

I printed two applications the night before the 4th: John Carson 2 mile in Chelmsford and Firecracker 4 in Swampscott. The later won the coin flip based on a short commute of three miles. My dad came over as it has been tradition for him to walk while I run. He was not too bummed out about not going to Chelmsford. It was warm out, but not out of reach for July. My back has been feeling better. Thus, feeling better about racing. A race broke out with Alex Gomes and Jordan Kinley side by side after the siren. Not messing with that. I took a back seat to Dave Long from Beverly. His gap on me in terms of seconds doubled as each mile went by. 11 second gap on me to the end and I really had no balls to surge anywhere. The hill up Rt 1A was rude, period. I gathered the top three for a cool down on the roads. Jordan is looking to kick ass at the Beverly Homecoming. I will see Dave Long next weekend at Pingree on the trails and Alex is putting some training in to kill it at Carver. Firecracker results.

Place No. Name Div/Tot Div Ag S City St Nettime Pace Guntime Pace
===== ==== =================== ======== ===== == = =======
1 3209 Jordan Kinley 1/33 M2029 29 M Salem MA 20:56 5:14 20:58 5:15
2 3273 Alex Gomes 2/33 M2029 24 M Peabody MA 21:31 5:23 21:33 5:24
3 3265 David Long 1/55 M3039 39 M Beverly MA 22:08 5:32 22:10 5:33
4 3215 James Pawlicki 2/55 M3039 38 M Lynn MA 22:19 5:35 22:21 5:36

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