Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Assault on Mt. Hood

1st place as part of team CMS at Mt Hood
Melrose has an emerald gem – Mt. Hood Golf Course. The event hosted the ninth annual and always challenging 3.5 mile cross country race. The course changes over the years but there is no way around not having to climb up and down the hills. On this particular Saturday, patches of snow cover and ice scattered the greens and cart paths. Overall, footing was safe and the course was laid out to avoid any danger of wiping out on your rear end. It was a cold and cloudy day. CMS had four representing – Nate Jenkins, Greg Putnam, Dan Verrington, and I. Three score for a team in the end and Greg put the word out that he was interested in getting the team prize a week earlier. The start bolted out and single file was the rule. I was in 10th place after 400m. I passed the one mile marker in 5:47 a few steps behind a guy (Patrick Ward per results). The race took a massive hill on that was worthy of the mountain series. I let out a few expletives approaching it in fun. I kept on the heels in front of me and surges continued dependent on terrain and footing. We dropped into mile three where you could see everyone in front and or peek behind to size up what is needed to finish strong or whimper in. I got past Patrick and tried to reel in Andreas Heilmann but I ran out of space at the end which has a generous decline on the road to the finish line. I finished ninth overall. It took me 19:42 to cover the distance. My Garmin measured 3.37 miles (5:52 / mile). The team took the win and we each got an awesome Nutcracker which is pretty cool to put on display at home. The team gathered inside for pasta, salad, chowder and laughs.
Hustling into the finish

An idea of the course

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