Monday, January 20, 2014

Lazy Dog 3 mile

Krissy took this photo 600m across Flax Pond as I passed 1 mile
If you live in New England, don't complain about the weather. If you do, wait an hour, it may change. A few inches of snow hit the ground on Saturday and a dusting fell on Sunday morning. By the time I ran over to the race, the pavement was fine for running. I gave the race director, Stephen Martin, my word three weeks ago that I would be there. He coaches the Lynn Classical Girls Track team and proceeds from the race support their program. The course is a loop around Flax Pond with a hill going into mile 1, slight hill beyond mile 2, and one has a slide rise up Magnolia Ave. There are plenty of volunteers on the course to make sure no one takes a wrong turn. My dad happened to drive past me on my warm up so he swung by and watched the race. I took the lead on the first right hand turn onto Euclid Ave. I ran into the Armstrong Family who were all smiles as they were driving by. I went by the mile marker in 5:34 where I thought I would see Krissy taking photos. She was not there. I was pleasantly surprised as she was on a side road around the corner. This brought more smiles from me (2 in a mile). She is fast as she set up quickly at 2.4 miles and then at the finish. The Lynn Police SUV kept the coast clear the whole way as I crossed the line in 16:54 - certain at least 30 seconds slower than last year - not bothered by it at all. I warmed down with Jason Euzikonis and planted myself at the Lazy Dog for an hour. I picked up some gift certificates and a Lazy Dog t-shirt. The day was capped off with a thank you from Stephen that night. Class act from a classy guy from Somerville.
Finding Krissy made me smile
Lazy Dog 3 mile road race photos by KrissyK
Lazy Dog 3 mile road race results January 19, 2014

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