Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Bedford Half Marathon

KrissyK photography - 445 photos from the 2014 New Bedford Half Marthon

130  49/410  M3039 JAMES PAWLICKI  1:17:43  5:56   18:24   36:39   54:26 1:17:46 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS         

Krissy got Joe Shairs and I down to the New Bedford Half Marathon in record time. The race was the New England Half Marathon Championship again. The race and the city do a good job to bring the championship back year after year. I checked in with several Central Mass Striders in the pre-registration area of the YMCA gym which was under plenty of security (bag screening) and endless volunteers. I did an easy warm up with Joe and Dave Dunham (8 minutes out and then back). It was sunny and temperatures felt like low 40’s, however, there was some bite to the northwesterly wind in our faces heading out for the first 3 miles. I was rocking my new Nike Lunaracer version 3 which Matt Germain hooked me up with at Whirlaway yesterday. There was plenty of cushion there ready to rock 13.1 miles. I was next to Joe for the opening mile. Dave was there too while Martin Tighe and Arthur Besse were ahead. I heard a 5:45 1st mile split from someone next to me. It was a little aggressive and Joe reminded us that there were plenty of miles ahead. Joe and I passed Arthur and Martin in the early hills. After 3.5 miles, we turned left and Joe took off down Rockdale Avenue. I took my hat and gloves off right away as the wind was at our backs and I started to get warm. I wheeled along and folks were passing by slowly over the next mile settling into their rhythm. Mile 5 passed in 29 something and I tossed my hat and gloves to Krissy who set up shop for photos after running 6.9 miles before the race started.
Approaching mile 13 in New Bedford
Photo by KrissyK

Katie Edwards (5th female overall and 1:17:26) from CT pulled beside and I stuck with her for a few miles even pulling when I could. Soon we hit some head wind and I struggled. She sauntered forward and gapped me. I took in a Power Gel before the water stop. I got a sticky hand from it and tried to wipe it clean. I was bothered but chugged along as it took my mind off the tiring legs. I am guessing my 10 mile split was around 59:30. My race goal was to be 6:00 pace per mile or better so I was just under that pace. I had some work to do still as the head wind continued. A group of five went by and were showing some good initiative and a spunky pace. Joe Lauer from SRR was one of them and recall he pulled this move at the end of the Jones 10 mile in February. I was game for about a minute and could not sustain any longer. However, it woke me up a bit and I was rolling good and battled a GMAA runner (Jason Baer ?) through 11 miles. He went right to my heels as if to draft as I was pulling along anticipating the last climb of the day before 12 miles. He started clipping my heels and apologizing each time. I took it in stride and kept the far left hand side of the road. Then I swung over to the right and started the climb. I saw my college coach, Tom Derderian, there and he gave me some support. I gained on a group and seemed to recover better and quicker than them at the top. Jason passed by and then I set sights on Justin Renz from HFC who was up at least 8 seconds. A few right hand turns and it was home stretch. I opened up the stride and got right next to Justin before the line but he got me by a second. It was a good finish for me and I finished five seconds slower than last year: 1:17:43. My overall place was 130th

The new shoes treated the feet pretty well so I will be wearing them in the Boston Marathon. I caught up with SRR and CMS folks beyond the finish. Several PR’s were had. I was so happy for Jon Longo, Chris Klucznik, Colby Chrusciel, Arthur Besse, Morgan Kennedy, and Chris Mahoney was with 14 seconds of his best. I have to give it to the race for the great amount of volunteers ready at the finish with tissues and water. I accepted the finishers medal like I earned it. These races get harder and harder so I don't take them for granted anymore. I did a very slow cool down with Joe right away. Krissy came running out of the parking garage to give us our jackets and my hat and gloves. She was awesome. And then she went back onto the course to continue taking more photos. 15 minutes later, I got some warm layers on and hung out with CMS mates over the food (chowder, fish sandwiches, and plenty of Polar Beverages) back at the YMCA. I checked in with Lisa Doucette to check on the team results and they looked good except for missing Arthur over a bib number snafu. They should get fixed in the next day or so. Looking ahead, rest is in order. I may hit up a local 5K this weekend, but if not, I am all in for An Ras Mor. I am thinking about the Great Bay Half Marathon in April a few weeks before Boston. 

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