Sunday, April 26, 2015

James Joyce Ramble USATF National Masters 10K Championship

I ran a pretty good race today, placing 11th overall (net time of 34:42 and gun time of 34:44) in the USATF National Masters 10K Championship hosted via James Joyce Ramble in Dedham. The masters championship had their own race that started three minutes ahead of the non-masters championship event. I got through mile 1 with Dan Verrington. My goal was to hit his goal of a mid 34 minute effort. Joe Shairs was with Todd Callaghan about 15 seconds ahead and Greg Putnam was in between us around mile 2 as I started to move up in place through the rolling hills. I was hitting the climbing with good effort and got through the Noble and Greenough school with a confident command that I could reel in more guys. I went by Kevin O'Neal (BAA) whom I don't recall ever getting in front of. I gave him some words of encouragement, respecting his speed. Greg was just ahead so I went after him while battling a tall gent from the Atlanta Track Club. I caught up to Greg and we soon passed Christopher Lawrence from the BAA with Todd and Joe not too far ahead within a mile to go. We managed to close in on Todd with 150 yards to go and our pack of three flooded the finish line to place 2nd as a team by only one second (every second counts) over the BAA and behind the winning Atlanta Track Club. The CMS Senior Team raced well too and placed 4th overall. It was cool to accomplish this with these guys and hang out after the race on the Endicott Estate. I have to give a warm and appreciated shout to Kevin Gorman who seemed to be at several points on the course cheering us along. It really helped.

2015 USATF National Masters 10K Championship (James Joyce Ramble) results
KrissyK photos of the James Joyce Ramble 10K

Greg, Todd and I coming toward Krissy and the finish line

Split (pace) via Garmin
5:15 pace for the last .3
Net Time 34:42
Gun Time 34:44
average pace 5:36

2. 1:43:59 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                   (  34:40)
  1    34:32  Joe Shairs            Peabody MA      CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  2    34:43  Todd Callaghan    Beverly MA        CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  3    34:44  James Pawlicki     Lynn MA            CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS                  
  4 (  34:45) Greg Putnam        Stoneham MA    CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS

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