Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hollis Fast 5K

The Hollis Fast 5K was the next race in the USATF New England Grand Prix in Hollis, NH. This one is quick being that it rolls downhill, gently. The race is on a Thursday night so proper planning is in order. The rule of the day is to leave as early as possible no matter what direction you are coming from. I left work early and met up with Joe Shairs and Greg Putnam in Stoneham. The traffic heading to the race even at 4pm was tough but expected. We got to the even with an hour to spare, pick up our numbers, and run to the start via the finish. We arrived with about 10 minutes before the start. I shook some hands and got on the line. The start bolted out. I got out and passed a few people in the opening 400m and settled in. The pace did not settle but the jostling of runners cleared up. Mile 1 passed by in 5:07 via my watch with Joe just ahead of me. I went by him and kept in contact with Wayne Levy from the BAA. Mile two went by a little slower than mile 1. The race around me started to thin and the legs started to warn me that the course was flattening out. Joe, Patrick Callaghan, Joe OLeary, and Harry Stants flew by in the last 800m. I had no juice to react. A 5:31 last mile said it all. 16:21 official. 16:08 was my time from two years ago, a GP year.  Still a good effort to help out CMS take the masters team win. 

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