Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wild Turkey 5 mile Salem

The gun went off sending over 1700 runners out for the Wild Turkey 5 mile road race away from the Salem Common and past the Hawthorne Hotel. I noted senior Jason Barnes and fellow master David Long just ahead of me. In between was Jordan Kinley pushing a baby jogger. I had to throw in a surge to pass him before two miles and got on the heels of David. Jason was pulling away. Reciprocating shout outs to those entering Winter Island while I was exiting went on for a few minutes. David and I had some back and forth through the neighborhood behind the Salem Willows. I got some separation in my favor in the parking lot of the Salem Willows. Any chance or miracle of catching Jason was looking bleak while he was reeling in CMS teammate Matt Veiga into mile four at the top of the hill beyond Dead Horse Beach. I kept my place, running scared, keeping baby joggers and other runners behind me as I approached the finish. I hit the line in 28:20 (5:40 per mile), good for 7th overall, 1st master. I ran 28:31 last year in cold conditions so to be a little quicker was good. CMS did well. Matt ran 28:03 (6th) and Nakri Dao placed 4th in the master category. William Jackson was chilling out while placing 39th. Congrats to Caleb Evanter (winner) and Dan Chruniak (just ran the Philadelphia Half on Sunday) for setting 5 mile PRs! Splits and results below.


Wild Turkey 5 mile race results November 26, 2015 Salem, MA

Winner, Caleb Evanter and I at the awards

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