Sunday, December 20, 2015

CMS 52 week 5K series, race # 48

I had plans to run at the BU development meet but an opportunity came up to run the CMS 52 week 5K series (race #48) in Worcester. It provided an opportunity to pick up some uniforms for the team. I have been a member of CMS since 2004 and never ran in the CMS 52 week 5K series out of Worcester State University. They are held each Saturday at 9:00. Students pay a dollar, CMS members pay $3, and non-CMS runners pay $5. The course alternates from clockwise one week to counter clockwise the next. This was a clockwise direction. I saw Patrick Caron from Needham and yelled out to him so we could warm up for the race. We had a nice battle at the Stone Tower 15K trail race a few months ago. I was glad he showed up because he knows the course and he is fast. He ran the course and won a few weeks ago in 17:44. We ran the first 3/4’s of a mile on the course before having to get back so we did not miss the start.

It was chilly (32 degrees), sunny, and windy. We got some announcements at the starting line from CMS team president Stephen Laska about CMS events including the Freezer Five in January. There were plenty of CMS volunteers ready with hand held timing and Popsicle sticks for us when we finish. He also mentioned cones were at each turn except for the last right hand turn at the gas station where we would have less than ¾’s of a mile left. Patrick bolted out and I followed a few strides behind breathing heavy. He was flying. We had a good downhill stretch through the mile where I saw a 5:23 split and a half second behind Patrick. I passed him after a hill in a side-neighborhood and seemed to lose him through 2 miles where I slowed to a 5:51 mile. There was some elevation in this mile and a head wind. I took the right hand turn at the gas station and now had the wind at my back. Patrick caught me at 2.6 miles and I gave him kudos for catching up. He looked really good and effortless. I had to bear down and dig to keep him close. I trailed him by a half second all the way to the finish line. I had no extra gear, just maxed out, unfortunately. I ran 17:28 to his 17:27 (results). We headed out for a cool down on the course in the counter clockwise direction and discussed racing plans for 2016. I expect him to have a solid year filled with personal records. 

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