Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Asbury Grove Wiener Run 10K

Asics Gel Hyperspeed 6
Roger Perham and I
First time for me to race Roger Perhams's Wiener 10K out of Asbury Grove in Hamilton. Krissy reminded me of the race while she was driving home from work and I said sure why not. It sounded better than a planned interval workout. We drove over and parked among 10 other cars. I expected a small crowd for a Tuesday evening race. I caught up with the Rich family who live 50 yards from the start and finish. Patrick is nursing a knee issue and turns 40 in August. Now for the race, starting at 6:30. I put on the Asics Gel Hyperspeed 6 that I picked up on Saturday from Whirlaway. 

Pretty good course here from Asbury Grove, through Bradley Palmer Statre Park and back to the Grove. I was hitting low sixes early while leading the race. I was focused but rather chill with the previous day that provided a 5K effort at the same pace.

The 2nd half rolls but I negative split this to make sure I finished under a six minute mile average. I did see a deer on a field at 4.3 miles which was cool to see - reminding me that yes, I am in the country side on a summer night. My last two miles were under six minute pace. 1st overall., 36:54 off my watch and recall official results were 36:56. Hot Dogs, burgers, watermelon, beans, et cetera for a ten spot on a weeknight is a bargain.

Mile splits and course