Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Level Renner 10K

I headed down to D.W. Field Park, the gem in Brockton for the Level Renner 10K with Joe Shairs, Gregory Putnam, and Krissy. We met up with Dan Vassallo and looked for the rest of our team. Where were the other four guys? DL? We were concerned with team not scoring. We needed a few more to cross the finish line. I could not convince Eric Narcisi to put the Dunkin flatbread and Iced Mocha down and jog for a 10K. Actually, he was in the midst of race duty so he was out. I swung a last minute deal for Dave Kraal and Samuel Fazioli to run with us.

Joe and I ran together for the 1st mile and a half under a mix of shade and sun. It was warm. The 1st mile was around 5:46 and I heard a 2nd mile split that just about doubled that. Up tower hill for the 2nd time, I ran with Jake Barnett for the next couple of miles during the rolling hills before he woke up and dusted me by 33 ticks. I stayed in the same position, 13th all the way to the finish line, in an exhausted manner. I posted up an average of 5:51 pace per mile, and 36:19, with zero turn-over in the last two miles.

Kevin Balance, CEO of Level Renner enterprises and team put on a good show for the 200+ runners. Tons of raffle prizes were given away. Our team picked up the first place prize which was cool. My 3rd place age group got me a gift certificate to Charles River Running in Norwood. I gave it to Dave as he lives in Weymouth - a lot closer to him. Lastly, my bib number was called pretty early and afforded me a New Balance gift card for some new kicks. All in all, a pretty good day for all.

I am back at it with a last minute decision to run in the Friday Night Lights 10K for some All Terrain points.

KrissyK SmugMug 2016 Level Renner 10K photos
Scott Mason photos
2016 Level Renner 10K results

Joe Shairs and I after the first climb up tower hill. Dave Kraal has the white hat behind Joe.
Photo by KrissyK
Jake Barnett and I just after the 2nd climb up Tower Hill around 2.25 miles
Photo by KrissyK
3rd and final time past Tower Hill and to the finish
Photo by KrissyK

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