Tuesday, January 30, 2018

44th Annual Great Stew Chase, Lynn

I ran over to the Knights of Columbus to sign up for the Great Stew Chase 15K which was only $25 that morning. I saw my dad driving over through Wyoma Square so I knew he was coming to watch the race. I timed my warm up over to the race so that I could sign up, change into the racing clothes and Adidas flats and head to the starting line. Martin Tighe and I talked the day before about hitting miles in the 6:20’s. Thus the 6:28 mile to start off with was just what I needed. The weather was perfect for late January: high 40’s. Martin was about five seconds ahead. His gap on me got bigger. I was in a good mix, behind Nakri Dao, EJ and three Mystic Runners heading into Centennial Drive in Peabody. Ryan Hayes scooted by and into that pack.

I was jealous that they were having all the fun, working together. I had to hustle to rejoin them up the big hill leading up toward Rt. 1. I trailed them at the turn around by a few seconds. I worked the downhill and area leaving Centennial Park. I caught up to EJ only because he stopped to rip a pebble out of his shoe. We shared a good chuckle about it. He tagged along while I was moving in on the guys ahead. I managed to catch them all but Martin with a half mile to go. I did yell ahead to Martin so he would know that I was charging in. I caught him on Rt. 129 with 400m to go. I finished up in 11th place with a chip time of 59:15.5, 6:22 pace per mile., a few strides ahead of Martin. It was a few minutes slower than last year but I was pretty good with the effort here to finish strong. 

Mile Splits 
1                     6:28
2                     6:22
3                     6:16
4                     6:18
5                     6:36
6                     6:05
7                     6:12
8                     6:15
9                     6:00
.46       5:52

44th Annual 15K Great Stew Chase
Sunday, January 28, 2018 - Lynn, MA.
Place No.  Name     Ag S Div/Tot  Div   S City             St Chiptime  Pace  Guntime   Pace    
===== ==== =================== == = ======== ===== = ================ 
11  304 James Pawlicki      43 M   1/21   M4044 M Lynn   MA   59:14.5  6:22   59:14.5  6:22

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