Tuesday, July 10, 2018

John Carson 2 mile Chelmsford

Another round for the John Carson 2 mile road race on the 4th of July tradition. It was going to be a toasty race. I warmed up with Terry McNatt and Dave Dunham. Got the CMS singlet and flats on and did a another short warm up trying to stay in the shade. I got in the mix at the start. CMS had Chris Mahoney, Patrick Rich, Dave Dunham, and I all in the first two rows. Kids jump out and sprint the first 200m so I was careful not to have a collision when they slow down. I got out clean and settled in a few strides behind Dave. He put on a decent push at the 1/2 to the mile where I lost a stride or two reaching the mile in 5:35, off my goal of 5:28 and 10:59 expectation. I slowed a bit in the last mile and the last 400m was tough. I finished with a time of 11:20, 5:40 pace and placed 35th. I had fun I caught up with the guys after the race. I was focused on getting back to the car so I headed off for a cool down with Paulo Amaral who finished 8 seconds ahead of me and with Dave. My dad walked the course so after he saw me at the finish, he planned on walking back to the start line. Patrick Rich broke 10 minutes with a 9:59, Chris ran 10:35, and Dave ran 11:01.

Finish at the John Carson 2 mile
photo credit to Granite State Race Services

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