Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New Bedford Half Marathon

I headed down to New Bedford for the New Bedford Half Marathon with Dennis Floyd, Nick Taormina, and Katie Misuraca. As we discussed expectations for the first Grand Prix Road Race of the year, I could not come to terms that I was banged up and should not get on the starting line. The medial side of my right knee has me heading to physical therapy soon. I had not run all week. I was bummed out. 

Still, I pinned the number on and jogged (my warmup) over to the starting line and hid behind 50 rows of runners waiting for the start. The plan was to feel out each mile as it went along. I could always turn back if the leg was going to be trouble in the opening miles or bail out a little later. I really never got into trouble but keeping 8:00 miles felt OK until the last 5K where I slowed to 8:15’s. The New Bedford wind was not there as in past years. Several CMS guys like Kevin Hankens, Arthur Besse, Bryan Trinque, Nick Taormina all ran PR’s.
Photo by Leslie Whiting Poitras

The official results are yet to come out but looks like as of now, I ran 1:46:28 (net time), 805th place. I ran a few miles with CMS runner Jay Morrissey in the closing miles which I felt good about as he ran a 3 minute PR. Below are the results from Nick, Katie, Dennis, and I. Nick shows up as Scott Leslie on iresultslive, but we transferred the number at registration so that should be fixed. Lastly, it looks like the CMS open team will get bumped to 5th, masters placed 1st, and seniors broke a tie to take 2nd. We will wait for the official results to get posted to coolrunning.

1765 Nick Taormina  46 37:30 1:20:00 6:07 1:20:08 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS Gloucester MA
2042 Katie Misuraca 38  40:09 1:25:47 6:33 1:25:53 BAA Gloucester MA
1759 Dennis Floyd   42 M 40:48 1:27:57 6:43 1:28:05 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS Georgetown MA
1760 James Pawlicki 44 M 49:28 1:46:28 8:08 1:46:51 CENTRAL MASS STRIDERS Lynn MA

Monday, March 11, 2019

Malden 5 mile

Krissy and I signed up the Malden 5 mile which also had a Half Marathon a few months ago. I was looking forward to a new event and new city to race in (I never raced in Malden). This race was a first time event and appeared to be organized by the folks who put on the Cambridge Half Marathon in the past. Krissy, Liz, Lisa, Maryann, and I grabbed our race numbers, jackets, and brunch the day before the race. Sunday rolled in fast along with the time change, ahead an hour. We got to the Stop and Shop parking lot in Malden just as the Half Marathon started at 7AM. We parked next to Dave Dunham. We had a front row seat to the race which was about a half mile into the 2.4 mile loop that would be toured multiple times for 13.1 miles. The 5 mile race would be just two loops, starting at 8:30.

We had VIP access to the bathrooms at Stop & Shop so that was useful before heading out on the course for a warmup with Dave while the half marathon was going on. I saw several Wicked, Notch, and SRR runners out there. Dave and I ran the 2.4 mile loop  and a little extra for 3 miles. Once last pit stop at Stop & Shop before getting to the cars to put on a dry shirt and get the race groove on.

Photo courtesy Malden Rotary Road Race
Dave and I headed over to the start line and got right up front like a pro. A classy guy in a C5K winter hat who may have been part of the Malden Rotary walked up to the front row of the race looked me in the eye, welcomed us for the first time race, and calmly said we are shooting right into the half marathon race so be careful. He said it in a way that showed appreciation for us and the event.  

Gun went off and we had a gradual decent into the 2.4 mile loop for a seamless start with a few turns putting us within the half marathoners who were 91 minutes into their race. I was on the back of the lead pack feeling amped up for the opening mile before falling back into my race pace. I figured I was in 10th place or so. I lost one spot within the first loop and one more about half way. I was not taking inventory of splits but felt that I was keeping a good cadence despite weaving around a few half marathoners along the way and being super cautious on the turns. It started to snow about 3 miles into our race. It was pretty funny. One more guy passed by with 1.5 miles to go. 

I caught the guy who passed me half way through the race with a bit more than a mile to go. I was ready for the battle. We went around a crowd on one of the last left turns. I took the inside and he took the outside. His gamble paid off as I got squeezed out by a few half marathoners to chicken step slush on the street corner. My legs we starting to tie up as I hustled into the finish. I was happy to break 30 minutes (29:52 gun time, 29:50 chip time). Looks like I was 14th overall and first master. I waited for Dave to come in just over 31 minutes (18th). We both beat our race goals.

Photo courtesy Malden Rotary Road Race
I grabbed a medal, water, and boogied back to the car as fast as I could walk. I bailed on the cool down with Dave to ice my knee which was feeling pretty shitty. I got in the car and started it to warm up and change into warm clothes. I hung out there until the girls came back and we were leaving as the race was breaking down the course under a light flurry.

Malden Half + 5 results

With Dave Dunham post race

Sunday, February 17, 2019

USATF New England Indoor Track & Field Championships Masters 800M

As a runner in recent years, I have neglected the "speed" discipline of interval sessions. You know, for example, run 6 times 800M at 5K race pace with 400M or 2 minute recovery stuff once a week. Thus, I get into trouble when I get a birdbrain idea to run, uh race, a track race. I have barely averaged one track race a year for the last decade.

I have to thank the incentive or schedule of the All Terrain Runner Series hosted by USATF New England. Over each of the last five years or so, the series has consisted of a snowshoe, trail, road, cross country, mountain, and indoor or outdoor track race. The lack of snow has usually found the snowshoe event getting cancelled. However, all other disciplines have been staples.

The track event within the 2019 ATR series was an 800M which had to be run at one of three meets: USATF New England Indoor Masters meet in January (Providence, RI), USATF New England Indoor Open Championship (Harvard), or USATF New England Open Outdoor Championships in July (Holy Cross). I selected the meet at Harvard late this week.

I ran a 4 X 400M workout on the treadmill late in the week. The 400's we're run at a mild 6:00 per mile clip (about my 5K race pace). I entered the meet with a 2:34 seed time which was #12 or at the cutoff for the men's masters "fast" heat. I was good with that. The alternative was a combined men's and women's 800M heat. I watched Harris Hardy win that heat with a 2:36 before I walked onto the Harvard oval up on the outside lane next to Bill Newsham (GBTC) and Jon Waldron (CSU).

The gun went off and followed Jon around for lap one. There was no competitor behind me. Pressure on. My stride was not smooth as I tried to get around Jon but failed. I did pass before 400M and put dropped the gauntlet I guess putting all my eggs in that 3rd lap. I caught Bill entering the final lap and moved into 8th place. I caught one runner. Now my stride was really clumsy. No kick here friends. Form failure lights went off. I was lucky to stay upright and keep moving forward in lane one. 

So much for looking good for the finish line. Dust settled at 2:29.5, 7th place. I really had a blast. It was not pretty but I managed a smile and fist bumps for the finishers next to me. Wish I had another chance for a 800M soon. Shall I take another crack in July?


Photos and video by Krissy

Monday, February 11, 2019

Bradford Valentine Race - 5 miles

Bradford is a village and former town according to Wikipedia. Go get your history. Not too many road races out there for the tough folks seeking to hit the pavement in early February. Bradford just so happens to be home of Dave Dunham and Dan Verrington, long time CMS studs. Mr. Verrington lives steps away from the start and finish. In fact, three generations of Verrington’s ran in the race on Saturday.

The Bradford Valentine Race has a 6K and 5 mile distance. I tried to convince Krissy to take part in the team event where I run a distance and she runs the other. She would have none of it and I stubbornly ran the same 5 mile distance she wanted to tackle with friends. Sure. No problem. I seem to have forgotten the hills and elevation on this one. A mile in, I was reminded. Into mile 2, yep, just passing by Bradford Ski Area. Enough said.

I got a huge can a whoop ass laid on my legs and trainers. But nice course though. I got zero company after setting up camp once Jaclyn Solomine (the UML alum and her dad won the team event for father/daughter) went by after a mile. I had one 19 year old constantly 15 seconds ahead but no head or tail wind on the day was going to help me. 31:24 for a time at the finish line, 11th place, 1st 40 plus age group.

Dug deep into the archives to see what I ran here back in 2006 at age 31. 7th place with a sterling 27:57, rather respectable that I would not have called it a hilly course then. Dave Hinga smoked the course in 25:45. Time flies. Splits below, stopped my watch about 7 seconds after the finish. 2019 Bradford Valentine 5 mile results.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Lazy Dog Classy 3 mile

Shawn and I jumped into the front from the gun. I led down Euclid Ave and Shawn led up the hill at mile 1. We would swap the lead back and forth for mile 2. Our pace was right around 5:50 per mile. I had a stride up Magnolia and back down Euclid for the final left hand turn back onto Broadway. I barely held Shawn off by 2 seconds to cross the line first in 17:47.

I am glad Shawn was there for the company in not only the race but for the warm up and cool down. I want to thank race director Stephen Martin for his dedication to put the race on to support the Lynn Classical Girls Track Team. Shawn and I won Rolly's Gift Cards and a scratch ticket (mine did not hit any jackpot). Shout out to Mike Fitzgerald for the photos race photos and after. Grab a copy of the Lynn Journal this Thursday for a juicy interview with yours truly.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

45th Annual 15K Great Stew Chase

Attendance was down this year with under 200 finishers. Need to see an increase in attendance. Picked up a fleece blanket for 2nd in the age group. Tail wind heading out and in our face for the last few miles. Kept my place after the 1 mile marker until 7.5 and got gapped by over 20 ticks plus to the end. Think I was 58 and change last year. Still had some surges throughout today.

James Pawlicki, Bib:   78, Age: 44, has finished the 45th Annual 15K Great Stew Chase in a place and time of   59:22.1  6:23 010   59:22.8 0

Ran to the race for the warm up and a bit over 2 mile cool down with EJ and Rob. Picture below of me passing my dad and coach. Photo by John Mulroy.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Fat Ass 50K

On my radar to run with Katie, Todd, and Nick for at least 3 out of the 5 10K loops within Bradley Palmer. Matt Viega was in the group too. Weather was great for January. Little mud, maybe degrees when we finished? They dropped me before the end of the 2nd loop aid station. I caught Katie and Todd on the 3rd. Todd and another went by and exited the aid station quickly into the last loop. They stayed within scope for a few miles. Inched by Todd and the other guy at the end. I ran past the finish line clock thinking there was an out and back to get extra for a 50K but Todd said no so we stopped at 30.3 miles. Who knows? 50K? GPS loss? 4:05:15 or so, low 8 minute pace per mile. Distance-wise, my longest single run. I ran 30 miles in Lynn Woods a few years ago but much slower.

So, I did stop at at the aid station area (we set up at the clock to be closer to the course). My right calf endured cramping in the 3rd loop, more in the 4th. Talked myself into the last lap with Nick and Todd going too. Last lap was a mental game while still running in slow motion and worrying about cramping.

Here are my fueling notes for the day and recap that I put down in my notes following the race while it was fresh:

Pre-race: Cliff Bar, Coffee at 6AM. RedBull at 8:20, Pick Juice and Hot Shot at 8:45.

Race started at 8:58

End of loop 1 – no drink or fuel but had 6 salt stick pills 1 HotShot and a Pickle Juice waiting for me at the aid station. I waited for group to get a drink or fuel. Maybe 30 seconds spent there?

End of loop 2 – I ran over to my truck in the parking lot, 25 yards off the course. I drank half of an Arizona Iced tea, taking down two Endurolytes. I brought one Shot Shot and Pickle Juice to my station at the time clock. Started to lose ground to Nick, Todd, and Katie – all now single file in the last mile before getting there. I lost a minute to them in the aid station.

Loop 3 – light calf cramps came on. Caught Katie before the fields. She said she was stopping after that lap. Could see Todd up ahead on the carriage road. I started to push ahead. Caught him but kept distance in the single track. Passed him on the carriage road where I had room. Motivated to go for two more loops because of position and had fuel waiting. Took two salt sticks, finished iced tea (1/3rd) and took half of Todd’s can of coke left behind. Tossed a sandwich bag with two Salt Stick pills in the back of my shorts (so I thought, see below).

Loop 4 – took time at my aid station, Todd and Brendan (met him after the race) passed me there and got a good jump. Cramp in right calf worried me. I stayed steady to keep cramps away. Kept Todd in sight while the red jacket runner (Brendan) moved about the same cadence but had 90 seconds on me.  Fought on the stone dust with my sandwich baggie to get two salt-stick pills. The bag was falling down my ass crack. In the attempt to pull them out with frozen hands, I broke one but washed it down with my HotShot that I carried. Closed on Todd prior to field. He was hurting, cheered me to continue forward. I could see the red jacket (Brendan) ahead on the carriage road. I pushed from the top of the hill to the bottom. Closed in but kept distance at entrance of the single track which had some elevation up and down. I lurked during single track but focused on staying upright. I was very tired. Mud was muddier now that several runners have gone over it for hours. Again, focused to stay on feet. Got close, maybe 10 seconds to Brandon on the carriage road back to field but was worried about cramping or falling. Caught Brendan on the field before the parking lot and ran through finish. I thought the 50K finish had an out and back to the clock. I got to the wading pool where I stopped and turned back as Todd was wondering what I was doing. Todd said we were done. 30.3 miles. Sounds good!

Fat Ass 50K Race - 19th annual
Saturday January 5, 2019
Held at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, Mass.

The 19th GAC Fat Ass did not disappoint. Great January weather, possibly a record turnout, and good running conditions. Thanks to everyone that helped make this event special. Hope to see you for # 20. See you on the trails and stay well.
Roger Martell Sr. RD


Complete Results for 50 KM finishers
1 Pat Coran 3:23
2 Brian Burke 3:49
3 Nick Taormina 4:03
4 Brenden Burke 4:05
5 Jim Pawlicki 4:05
6 Todd Callaghan 4:05
7 Matt Curran 4:08
8 Gregory Lowe 4:25
9 Derek Cavatorta 4:30
10 Rowley Brucken 4:32