Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Trav’s Trail 3 mile Cross Country Newburyport, MA Maudslay State Park

It was nice to get back to this fun 3 mile cross country race at Maudslay State Park. This was the 20th Anniversary of Travis Landreth’s unfortunate passing. My last decade or so blog archives shows that I have done the race in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. I have at least 3 coffee mugs from the event, coveted age group prizes.

That last effort in 2018 was an 18:18 time worth 12th place. I ran a one mile warm up with Rich Tabbut going down to the bridge and back about 20 minutes before the start time. It was sunny and humid. Fortunately 90% of the course is in the shade. I kept the trainers on and got out to the wide start line. 

With my right achilles a bit tender, I eased out with a 7:16 mile, positioned a few slots behind Mimi Fallon and Edmund Connor. Mile two was a bit quicker, 7:06, as Ed and I would go back and forth hitting the bridge with less than a half mile to go. I got past him on the way up the hill and crossed the finish line with a time of 20:49, 6:57 pace, 17th place, 7th in the 40-49 age group. GPS measured out to be 2.92 miles. CMS's Greg Putnam would place 3rd overall and top senior, just getting under 17 minutes. 

After a few bottles of water and a banana, I headed out for a cool down with Tim Morin as we caught up on his running and upcoming plans for the summer.

Trav's Trail 3 mile May, 22, 2022 race results

Top 20 below

20TH ANNUAL TRAV'S TRAIL 3 MILE XC RACE ....NEWBURYPORT MA MAY 22, 2022 Place Name Age S City Time1 Pace ===== =================== === = =============== ======= ===== 1 RUBEN SANCA 35 M 15:52 5:18 2 JUSTIN MALONEY 43 M 16:40 5:34 3 Gregory Putnam 52 M Stoneham 16:53 5:38 4 NICK ROOSA 36 M 17:08 5:43 5 PAUL LAROSA 45 M 17:35 5:52 6 MARK LAROSA 43 M 17:51 5:57 7 KEVIN ALLIETTE 40 M Methuen 18:12 6:04 8 CHRIS KEALEY 54 M 18:29 6:10 9 Brett Ely 42 F Eugene 18:59 6:20 10 TIM MORIN 39 M 19:05 6:22 11 Beardo McBeardface 46 M 19:22 6:28 12 Joe Gross 47 M Newburyport 19:45 6:35 13 Paul Wertz 18 M 20:02 6:41 14 Kara Haas 51 F CHELMSFORD 20:04 6:42 15 Charlotte Furman 22 F Newburyport 20:09 6:43 16 Mike Haas 49 M Chelmsford 20:33 6:51 17 James Pawlicki 47 M Lynn 20:49 6:57 18 EDMUD CONNOR 61 M 20:53 6:58 19 Matt Contorchick 44 M 21:13 7:05 20 MIMI FALLON 57 F 21:21 7:07

Friday, May 20, 2022

ECTA Spring For The Trails Half Marathon - Willowdale State Park - Ipswich, MA

My expectations were low but I wanted to enjoy the Willowdale State Park Trails of which I have not seen since doing this race in 2017 with a 3rd place finish and time of 1:28:13 (GPS measured distance of 12.4 miles). I headed into this half marathon with the goal of trying to finish as competitive as possible with the limited trail running and only two long runs of seven miles each in the last month. It was nice to see Carol, who has been directing these ECTA (Essex County Trail Association) since the start 18 years ago. She always recognizes me and reminds me that Joe Shairs and I did her first race in Hamilton.

I caught up with Todd Callaghan, Dan Donato and Dave Long before the race – all three I considered to be front runners on the day. I ran less than a mile for a warm-up fifteen minutes before the 9AM start time. The temperatures were promising to get into the 80’s in the afternoon and the sun was bright. The race took off and I settled into a distanced second pack before diving into the single track and quick up and downs. We hit the highpoint of the course after a mile in around 185ft. 

The mile splits don’t mean too much with the constant varying terrain, rocks, roots, switch-backs, fire road to single track transitions. The best part of these trails I feel are the mix of single track and wider fire roads where you can see people ahead of you within 100 yards and then not see a soul but maybe hear them above or below you in the single track that can include switch backs. This is the type of course that requires strength and nimble feet. I started to lose the nimbleness after nine miles. More on that later.

I was feeling good about position, perhaps 10th place 1/3rd of the way in (4 miles) latching onto the lead woman who came back at me after missing a turn and maybe 30 seconds. We entered the water/GU gel stop shortly after six miles. I took a GU and full cup of water down carefully for a minute as did the lead woman and a male counterpart who waited for her. I beat them out of the water stop running silent and getting tired of the switch-backs encountered beyond 9 miles. I tripped at 10.5 miles and was lucky to get my hands out on the ground to brace what could have been a nasty fall into the earth. Neither the knees or elbows touched down.

This did shake me up though mentally knowing the legs were being stretched beyond the limits. Through 10 miles I had 2 miles in the 7’s (7 minute/mile pace), 5 miles in the 8’s (8 minute/mile pace) and just two in the 9’s (which included the break at the water stop). From 10 miles onward, I ran defensively through a 10:31, 10:38 and 10:10. All I could do was be calculated with the steps and remain defensive which is very defeating. I did not want to take another fall. 

I would be passed by the lead woman and her male counter part with less than a mile to go. I was cooked and just praying that the finish was coming well before 13.1 miles. Indeed, the finish approached at 12.5 miles per my GPS. Most others I heard from got the same distance. I crossed the line and leaned on my tired knees. The 12.5 miles felt like a marathon! I finished 10th overall with a time of 1:53:13, 9.04 pace per mile for the 12.48 miles.


Spring For The Trails Half Marathon Results Willowdale StatePark May 14, 2022 or direct PDF here

Top 20 below

Place First Last Time Gender Age Bib 

1 Todd Callaghan 1:33:51 M 52 21 

2 Nathan Currie 1:34:19 M 29 150 

3 Ben  Schersten 1:36:21 M 43 142 

4 David Long 1:39:06 M 48 62 

5 Michael Peyron 1:43:15 M 46 90 

6 Dan Dorato 1:44:44 M 41 136 

7 Keith Schmitt 1:47:24 M 53 102 

8 David Mueller 1:52:11 M 26 76 

9 Amy Hollshwandner 1:52:33 F 27 54 

10 James Pawlicki 1:53:12 M 47 86 

11 Kayla Pelletier 1:53:54 F 34 88 

12 Steve Vanne 1:55:41 M 37 119 

13 Tom  Maddux 1:56:00 M 36 63 

14 Wes Lassen 1:57:14 M 44 60 

15 Kat O'Leary 1:57:59 F 36 82 

16 Toshiaki Namba 1:58:36 M 25 78 

17 R J Mroz 1:59:01 M 21 75 

18 Dan Healey 1:59:53 M 61 138 

19 Brad Woodley 2:00:45 M 48 128 

20 Sean  Bailey 2:03:23 M 39 10

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Black Excellence 5K

While running over to this road race out of Wyoma Square, Lynn, I ran the first mile backwards and noted a different course than the usual loop around Flax Pond. 80% of the course was the usual but I like this new one as it meanders more of Flax Pond. Friend, Angel Green, was directing this 3 mile race again for the 4th year? Krissy volunteered to work timing with Bill Mullen. This signed up an hour prior.

About 100 lined up for the start from the parking lot behind the Lazy Dog. Dan Donato was off and running for his 2nd run of the day after a hard 30 minutes. Shawn Conway would trail in 2nd. I eased out in the first mile with a 6:42. The second mile passed in 6:34 and I set sights on the 5th place runner. I caught him in Wyoma Square with a 10th of a mile to go but he would recover and catch me before the finish line. I finished 6th with a time of 20:27 for what my GPS got as 3.07 miles or 6:40 pace. My last mile was about 6:48. I was happy with the effort!

Photos taken by Lisa Kelly and Maureen Tabbut

Saturday, April 23, 2022

WCRC 39th Annual April Fools 4 Mile Road Race

 This is an old-time classic, flat and fast out and back accurate four mile road race put on by Winner’s Circle Running Club in Salisbury. This was my second road race of the now into 4th month of 2022. It was sunny and had some wind. A few CMS runners were there such a Paul Young, Dave Dunham and newly signed up, Mike Dunlop who I raced against in college. I have been discussing CMS with him for years. Ran a warm up with them and friend Shawn Conway on a rail trail. A half hour later, I was off for the four mile race. I recall an opening mile around 6:40 and felt I would not see anything fast than that.

At the turn around spot, could see my teammates flying by with all looking good led by Dave, then Shawn, then Mike. They would continue that order to be the top 50 year olds. Mile three was my slowest dipping into the low sevens and some head wind. A women from Greater Lowell went by me with three quarters of a mile to go and I said “game on!”

This decision to get my head and body back into the race. I fought past her a few yards later and held the spot in the last half mile of the race. Fist bumps followed with the recognition to her for the presence as we in the end helped each other. 27th place, 6th in the age group. 27:22 for the flat four! I headed out for a cool down with the gents on the rail trail again for some easy miles.

April Fools Four Miler - Salisbury 2022

Real Time Snowshoe Lynn Woods

 Jumped into likely the first timed and in-person Snowshoe race in Lynn Woods. We benefited from a race committee that put a 5K loop on a map and a Thursday into Friday snowfall. Still the ten or so inches of snow fall had some ski markings and foot steps for the late morning event. A crew of 8 were wrapping up their lap when I arrived at 10:30AM. The race started around 11:15 and I jumped out to the lead just keeping Sal Genovese off my heels in the end. Slow going with the 10:39 pace but that is what it is like in the snowy trails that are not groomed. Results below.

Lynn Woods - Virtual SNOWSHOE 2022

                 Real Time Snowshoe Race #1  February 26,2022

 Results by Bill Mullen and Joe Abelon


#8 GW Great Woods-Pennybrook-Fox Rock-Dungeon-Great Woods  5K


Place Name                No.  S Ag City            St Time8   Pace   

    1 JIM PAWLICKI         379 M 46 LYNN            MA   33:04 10:39 

    2 SAL GENOVESE         660 M 55 MARBLEHEAD      MA   33:38 10:50 

    3 SCOTT SOMERS        4081 M 51 PEABODY         MA   37:00 11:55 

    4 MARK ROSENBLUM       975 M 62 MELROSE         MA   40:52 13:10 

    5 BRIAN WALFIELD       684 M 58 LYNN            MA   45:35 14:41 

    6 FREDDI TRIBACK      1523 F 48 LYNN            MA   46:04 14:50 

    7 JENNIFER HAYDEN     3585 F 37 MARBLEHEAD      MA   46:29 14:58 

    8 MIKE DOYLE            13 M 72 LYNN            MA   46:30 14:59 

    9 LEANNE FAESSLER       71 F 49 LYNN            MA   46:54 15:06 

   10 AMY AMIRAULT         273 F 45 LYNN            MA   47:12 15:12 

   11 STEVE MARZEOTTI     3265 M 58 LYNNFIELD       MA 1:02:19 20:04 

   12 SHARON DOBBYN        607 F 70 NAHANT          MA 1:02:20 20:04 

   13 PAUL HENNESSEY       222 M 72 MELROSE         MA 1:02:21 20:05 

   14 BONNIE HALLINAN      558 F 70 DANVERS         MA 1:05:13 21:00 

   15 JOHNNY SMART        1452 M 47 LYNN            MA 1:05:14 21:00 

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Primary Bank Super Sunday 4 Miler, USATF New England Grand Prix #1

Primary Bank Super Sunday 4 Miler - Bedford, NH

USATF Road Race Grand Prix Race # 1

Overall Place 313th

17th 45-49 age group

27:56.3 official time

Joe Shairs took the wheel, leaving two inches of snow and falling from the North Shore and we arrived at the Bedford New Hampshire High School lot within an hour. We drove past a few spin outs on Rt 93 so we were not sure what to expect for road conditions in Bedford. I was not looking forward to running on snow. We were pleasantly surprised as it was not snowing in Bedford. I ran a few miles for a warm up and got to the start line packing in next to Brett Rickenbach around the 7 minute mile crowd. Temps were in the mid 20’s so I was dressed in tights, thicker long sleeve, hat and gloves. I wore the New Balance Rebel and traction was not an issue as I was on pavement all the way. The town of Bedford did a good job there. 

I was 6:36 at the mile behind Brett and CMS teammate Paul Bazanchuk. I would lose ground to them in mile 2 with a 6:51 split and then really fell back with a 7:02 and 7:17 mile. My right calf was giving me the business the whole race and mailed it in over the last half of the race. Still, I was glad to get into my first race of the year and see so many familiar faces and teams again. This being the first USATF New England Grand Prix race of 2022, the competition was deep. The CMS men would finish as follows as a teams placed well in four age groups.

Open team 4th out of 18 teams

Masters (40+) team 2nd out of 13 teams

Seniors (50+) 1st out of 10 teams

Veterans (60+) 4th out of 8 teams

Monday, November 29, 2021

Run-A-Latke 5K

This 5K in Swampscott offers a bit of coastal scenery and views of Boston. This is just a few miles from the house. Kristen was hired as the photographer so this presented a chance to get a quick timed run in. Run-A-Latke 5K Photos and Start video

My calf was still tight and took the day before off from running. I got off the line and counted over 20 people head after 400m. I ran sort of flat footed to ease the strain on the calf. Mile 1 went by in 7:11. Then the course climbs a bit before getting out to Humphries Street. I passed the last runner at that point. Mile two slowed to 7:21. 

I was trying to not get caught from anyone I passed in the previous mile. I caught up to a youngster in the last 400m but couldn't catch him into the finish which climbed a bit. Last mile was clocked at 7:07. 11th place. Time was 22:20. I lived and did not die. I jogged another mile before shutting it down and calling it a day. 

Chanukah Run-a-Latke 5K results