Monday, May 21, 2012

Bedford Rotary 12K

20 yards from the finish line at the Bedford Rotary Memorial 12K road race.
Photo by KrissyK
It was time to lace up the road flats again for a CMS team race. Bedford, NH played host for the 12K Grand Prix Championship. I really appreciate the team races for the competition and to see friends and CMS teammates. I was looking forward to the race as the goal was to run under 5:45 per mile pace. I went through mile one in 5:32 and felt good. I made some moves to catch up with CMS 'mate Sam Wood and former CMS' mate Scott McGrath who sports the Whirlaway singlet now before mile two. Scott dropped out around mile three, walking back toward me when Sam convinced him to get back into the race. Scott ended up beating me by a minute. After the climb through four miles, I was battling Paul Doe, a senior. Mile 5 passed in 28:46 while Paul got some strides ahead. I was looking for more downhills to get back up to him but not much happened until Joe O'Leary (SRR) wheeled up on me before mile six. I decided to suck it up get back to racing and hung on to Joe, even got a surge around him leading him through seven miles. He passed me going up the left hand turn into the track area. I was wiped out but managed to stay close enough to catch Brian Allen (WRT) on the final 60 yards and one spot behind Joe. I placed 65th overall, 43:13, and a 5:48 pace. I felt good about how I finished because I was in tough shape at 5 miles. The CMS teams ran well with both the open and masters picking up wins. Several guys were stoked with their effort. It was great to hear the chatter while I enjoyed a popsicle beyond the finish line. Only then did I realize it was a warm day. I ran a slow cool down with Kevin Gorman and Kevin Tilton. I broke bread in the cafe in the school for decent Lasagna and beyond decent Tomato Basil soup from Carrabas. Two helpings of each hit the spot. Conversation over what races to compete in over the coming Memorial Day weekend filled the air. There are many options. Krissy took several awesome photos. I liked this one because she caught me in rare form - a decent looking stride - only because I shook my ugly form (body twisting) focusing on reaching that finish line.

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