Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K Boston

This race has been a long time 5 mile distance. The L Street Running Club had to cut it down to 5K as they could not secure BC High or the far end of the former Bay Side Expo Center for the race HQ. Although the five mile distance is my favorite, I will take a 5K on a mid summer evening. The weather was decent but still an 80 degree night. The race takes off and I get a good start from the 2nd row, holding the right hand side of the road. The race is getting a head wind out past Carson Beach. I hold my own through 1 mile in 5:22 solo, not caring to draft. We pass the L Street bath house on the right and a water stop which I decline. At the turn around (half way point), master Mark Mayall is a step in the lead. I yell for him as he is the only guy I know as the top seven guys come at me. I do my 180 degree turn around the cone and head back toward Dorchester. I feel pretty good and keep fighting. Mile 2 gives a split of 10:41 (5:18 mile) and I am bound to crack my goal of 17 minutes. I labor a bit but have one guy in striking distance with 1000m to go. I try to hold form, pass mile three with a time around 16:22. I sprint for that guy in front of me and barely catch him at the line. We both get the same time: 16:55 (5:27/mile pace). I grabbed a gatorade and a chocolate chip cookie right away and headed out for a solo cool down over to the JFK Library and UMass Boston Campus - about a 3.5 mile run in total. I came back to the post race food and expo. I grabbed a B Good burger. I chilled out at the Level Renner tent and had some good laughs with Kevin Gorman and EJN. I also caught up with Tim Pipp. He is alive and well, just working too many hours. Interview with EJN from the drivers seat of the Kevin Gorman family wagon to follow......


  1. Good race Jim. I think the Level Renner interview was better, though. It's now posted on our website. I can't find that Adele CD. Did you pilfer it?

  2. C'mon KG. Adele? Really :)