Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Carver Cranberry 5 mile Road Race

Ten minutes before the race was going to start, Joe Shairs said the car was locked. Our racing flats and singlets were in the car, locked. Krissy had the keys and was out on the course setting up to take photos. I was OK because I thankfully had a pair of Scott flats that I warmed up with. However, knowing that Joe had his trainers on, really bummed me out. I ran over to the Scott tent display and asked if he had any inventory, size 8? He had nothing for inventory. I found Al Bernier a few minutes later hoping he had some gear in his ride. No dice. He just gave a size 8 Scott flat to Adam Malek. However, they were in Adam's car behind the school - too far and too late to go flag them down for Joe. I informed a few CMS masters what was going on just to clue them in and step it up in the race in case the trainers cost Joe time. It is a mental wrecking ball when your pre-race routine is messed up along with reduced confidence of extra ounces on your feet. I was embarrassed as it was my car, my keys, and my fault. I left the car unlocked on our arrival, but I think the car locked the doors when I put some gear in the hatch.
Steps away from the line at the Carver Cranberry 5 mile race
Photo by KrissyK
I set up shop in row two after Dan Verrington refused to move up. I got a good clean start in the massive crowd. I found myself behind Kevin Gorman and eventually moved up next to him. He ribbed me about the lack of a shirt. I threw my arms up in the air, as if attempting to explain but I did not want to waste any breath on it. I saw Joe ahead of me doing his thing but I could tell he was frustrated with his footwear. I saw Krissy on the side of the road taking photos. The ass that I am - made a comment about the locked car. I ruined her day with the comment as we caught up later. Again, I was angry, mad, and embarrassed at the situation. I am now beyond the mile and I am wheeling along so I accepted it as I pulled up on Joe who was struggling and I knew why. I told him to forget it and get his butt going - let it go. He fell behind a bit as I went after Dan Verrington. I am feeling good until 3.5 miles when Dave Dunham and Joe ease on by. I am very happy to see this occur, meaning Joe is back in the race physically and mentally. Dave looks good and in charge. I roll on his heels for a bit and KG is there too. Dave and Joe are hunting Greg Putnam down. Shortly after four miles has a little down and up (only hill on this course). Stick a fork in me. I am all done coming up into the shady stretch to the finish. The clock still had 27 on it. I could not make out the last two digits as the crowd was in the way. I finally catch all numbers when I cross the line and see a mid-27. I was very happy for several reasons. 27:31 was the official time in 65th out of 586 finishers. My goal, as I wrote Dave Dunham earlier in the week, was to run a sub 28. He wanted to get a masters PR - sub 27:49 and he crushed it. Joe ran a solid 27:21, just a step ahead of Dave. I felt so much better now and pretty much was able to laugh about what happened 40 minutes earlier.

The CMS men's open (3rd) and masters teams (2nd) ran very well. Several ran solid races and I could see that most were happy with their efforts. I had a nice cool down with the guys and finally settled down to some chips and salsa with Krissy, Greg Ward, Greg Putnam, and Joe. I am signed up for the Beverly Homecoming 5K for Thursday. I am shooting for another sub-17. I had my best race of 2011 there with an awesome battle with Jonathan May, Ben Strain, and Todd Callaghan. Todd is in the best shape of his life right now (PR'd at Carver) so we'll see what happens. I predict another PR for him. 

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