Friday, July 19, 2013

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K

Just not enough sack at the end of this barn-burner. 17:06, 8th overall with the bib mat to mat tracking. My wheels came off in the last mile and lost two placings in the last 100 yards. 90 degree hot? Yeah but we all know the potential for a July event. We had a slight head wind until the the turn around cone 1.55 miles on Day Blvd. I wish I had that on the way back to the finish for a cooling effect. Two splits: 5:11, 10:57 show a serious positive split mess. I ran a cool down with Joe Lauer (17:05, just joined SRR) and Kieran Condon (18 flat, SRR) and came back to the longest lines ever for the burger that I should have gotten before cooling down. Argh! Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K results

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