Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thomas Chamberas 6K XC race

Narrow start at the Thomas Chamberas 6K XC race in Carlisle.
Photo by KrissyK
Trailing Jason Cakouros before 1 mile
This race kicks off the USATF New England Cross Country Grand Prix for 2013. I was scheduled to race in the trails in Beverly but I also wanted to field a CMS team in Carlisle. So I donated the entry fee for the Beverly Commons trail race and sacrificed North Shore Trail Series points (I was leading the series) for the team event. Dan Vassallo picked up Krissy and I and we were at the 6K race 35 minutes later. Upon arrival, we found CMS mates Arthur Besse (nice Corvette by the way), Michael Quintal, and Dan Verrington. Thankfully we had five guys otherwise we would not have scored as a team. We warmed up on the course along with Dave Menard (BAA) and Steve Dowsett (Whirlaway) which was the usual course, however, with a new narrow start and different finish. I did not mind the narrow start but the long winded Michael P. Mahone speech was a stretch.
Maybe five minutes long while the race is on the starting line is too much. It was concluded with the star spangled banner and cheers from two hundred plus runners and spectators. I started in row two and got a clear start with a few light handed pushes on my back on the up hill start around the corn field. Dust kicked up as it usually does. The race went out fast as one has to jockey for position as single track a mile in awaited. I ran behind Jason Cakouros (HFC Striders) for the first mile or so. The single track and tight s-turns were fun and the pace was good. Once we got to open up on wider trails I tried to battle with some GBTC guys. I came out of the lolli-pop loop chasing down top master Justin Renz (HFC Striders) with whom I have not been able to beat this year so I was motivated to go for it today. I passed him with less than 800 meters to go and held him off crossing the line in 19:52 and 29th place. The team finished 4th overall with the bare minimum to score (five). I cooled down the team and reflected on how our races went. It was awesome to hear Arthur Besse have so much fun out there as he experiences these races for the first time. My Garmin measured 3.35 miles and calculated 5:56 pace.....

Photos by KrissyK

Thomas Chamberas 6K XC Race
Carlisle,MA August 24, 2013
Place  Name             No. S Ag City          St Div Team  Time   Pace
29  JAMES PAWLICKI 10 M 38 BEVERLY   MA   5 CMS   19:52  5:20


  1. Jim,
    Thanks so much for coming out to the race yesterday and bringing your teammates. You've been a longtime supporter of our event and we appreciate it. (As for Michael's pre-race speech, I hear you...we'll try to edit him down a bit next year).

    Thanks again,

    Dave Hannon

  2. Dave,

    Great event as usual. No worries on Michael. I cracked up when he put you and Joe on hold. Glad our team got there. Keep up the good work!