Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wicked Frosty Four

The Wicked Frosty Four mile race was the objective today to bring in the new year. I warmed up with Christopher Klucznik, Jordan Kinley, and Megan Nedlo. It was in the mid 20's with a westerly wind. That relates to having it at our back for two miles and in our grill for the last two or so. The start and finish moved from the usual Front Street to Charter Street - just 250m away - keeping runners off the Cobblestone. Otherwise, the rest of the course remained the same. Nate Jenkins and another guy took right off (turned out to be a Villanova stud and Australian, Jordan Williamsz). They proceeded to hit the mile in 4:39. I found myself in 7th place behind Christopher Chapruet from Danvers. My first mile was 5:08 and it felt OK. I got a stride closer in the second mile to him. My split was 10:32 (5:24). As we exited the neighborhood behind the Salem Willows we got the wind in our face and then it was full on beyond Dead Horse Beach. I tried to get onto his shoulder over the next 400m after the tough hill. That never materialized so I settled in behind and lost him a bit. He pulled away after mile three (16:11 - 5:39  mile split). I tried to hang tough knowing the race would be over in a few minutes. He held me off by four seconds while I crossed the finish line in 7th place overall and a time of 21:46 (5:27 / mile average). It was my worst placing in the race but quickest time (see below). I was pleased with running almost thirty seconds quicker than last year. I thanked my dad for cheering me on and changed my flats for my trainers while catching up with Alex Gomes who is headed off to serve in the Army. I collected Nate, Jordan, Megan, Geoff Nelson, and Christopher Kluckznik for a four mile loop into and around Winter Island which was hosting a polar plunge. Ouch!

Wicked Frosty Four mile history
Date        Place   Time    Pace  Age
1/1/2014   7       21:46  5:27    39
1/1/2013   1       22:22  5:36    38
1/1/2012   4       21:51  5:28    37

Wicked Frosty Four mile start in Salem
Place Name Ag S City St Nettime Pace Guntime Pace 1 Jordan Williamsz 21 M Lynn MA 19:14 4:49 19:14 4:49 2 Nate Jenkins 33 M N.Andover MA 19:28 4:52 19:28 4:52 3 Geoff Nelson 28 M Providence RI 20:40 5:10 20:41 5:11 4 Jordan Kinley 29 M Salem MA 20:48 5:12 20:48 5:12 5 Christopher Klucznik 31 M Somerville MA 21:15 5:19 21:16 5:19 6 Christopher Chapruet 21 M Danvers MA 21:42 5:26 21:42 5:26 7 James Pawlicki 39 M Lynn MA 21:46 5:27 21:46 5:27 8 Erich O'Neil 22 M Beverly MA 22:22 5:36 22:22 5:36 9 Alex Gomes 25 M Peabody MA 22:37 5:40 22:38 5:40

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