Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Travs Trail Run

May 18 Full Results
Krissy and I headed up to Maudslay State Park. I love this place and the trails. I have run several Thanksgiving Day races up here. I ran just one other Trav's race that being in 2011. I ran 16:11 and placed 11th. CMS folks in attendance included Nate Jenkins, Derek Dorval, and Greg Putnam. We crashed down the first hill with reckless abandon. This race just has to go out fast. No choice. I had 4th place behind Greg who was pulling away on hills leading into mile 1. I got passed by Lance Harden about 1000m into the race. He went on to finish second. I passed mile 1 in 5:31 and I was working too hard for that. Foot steps caught up to me 200m later. I surged to make them work in order to pass. This went on for the next 8 minutes. I pushed and recovered a few times. Mile two was 5:46 (ouch). I never got a glimpse of who it was on my tail as they never passed me to reveal identity. They were certainly keeping me honest. I noticed I was pulling away on each downhill and ran out of that approaching the bridge. We had the nasty climb back up to the finish and I managed to pull away by a few seconds. I ran scared and was really hurting on that climb. I held them off, 5th place - 16:27 - and turned back around in the finish line chute to introduce myself with a hand shake for the good fight. I found out later at the awards that he is 51 years young – Spyros Barres – from CT. He just ran 2:44 at Boston! Nate won under 15 minutes and Greg was just under 16 minutes with a 4th place finish. Derek was 11th. I picked up a Trav’s Trail Mug and a New Balance voucher. 

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