Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ipswich Rotary 5K/10K Trail Ramble at Appleton Farms

Off the start
Photo by Roger Perham
I woke up on Saturday morning with no plan (training or racing) so I went to the coolrunning race calendar to see what was available. I found the Ipswich Rotary 5K/10K Trail Ramble at Appleton Farms. My previous history was a 4th place finish behind gents such as Mike Degennaro, John Ayers, Patrick Rich back in 2005 in the 5K (the 10K did not exist). I ran a warm up with Alex Vlahos from Ipswich and then added in another 12 minutes on my own before lining up at the start. The race goes up hill over the Newburyport line (rail road) and then down to Rt 1 where we took a right and entered Appleton Farms. Aside from Mark Mayall and Alex, I did not know anyone else. 5:39 at the first mile while the group of six was still collected. I was anxious but chilled out next to the leader on the dirt road as we slowly pulled away. We came to the point on the course where the 10K runners go left and the 5K goes straight. The young man I was next to took a left and wished me luck in my race (5K) and I yelled back the same to him. I peeked back a minute later and all was quiet – maybe 40 yard lead. I pressed along – the course now winding along beside what we used to race on back in 2005 (roads) this time on the trails. A few hills later popped me out to the road back to the finish for one last dirt road sprint for the win in 17:21. 2nd place, Fabio Piergentili, was 17:59. Alex finished 4th. I cooled down with Alex and then added in more miles to get in 10 for the day.

Finish Photo by Roger Perham

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