Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jim Kane Sugar Bowl 5K

Full Results 
By the numbers: 16:53, 5:27 per mile
9th place overall, 2nd age group 35-39
Garmin Splits:

It was a warm July night but absent of the brutal humidity over the past few days. I even cooled off after the warm up, standing on the starting line. I got a good start - nothing crazy fast and inserted myself in the top 15 and moved up to and through a few BAA. My GPS mile chimed in early before the 1st mile marker near the L Street (host running club for the race) bath house. A volunteer yelled out a 5:26 mile split for my group and I. I got around green singlet guy just before the turn-around cone. I took a wide turn to avoid trouble and be good to my knees. I proceeded to battle it out with two blue singlets - youngsters from Wheaton (based on someone yelling for them). They were sucking air but the one who was doing less of the oxygen intake pulled ahead through mile 2 (I heard a split of 10:40). Something did not feel right with my right hamstring. It felt like it was going to cramp. I collected myself passing one Wheaton guy and another black singlet dude soon after. I was a mess with 400m to go past the Carson Beach Bath House. I gave up a spot to the black singlet dude and zombied my way to the finish line. 16:53 for 9th place. I have run two other serious 5K's this year; An Ras Mor road race (16:56) and the USATF New England Outdoor 5000m (16:53) with similar times so call me consistent regardless of temperature. I got a cold face cloth from the L Street volunteers after the finish. Cool treat in the heat that I have seen in Florida road races. My cool down consisted of a bGood burger with Tomato and Mustard on a wheat bun. Yes, good! No more miles for the night but chilled and caught up with Kevin Balance - founder of Level Renner. He is on the mend. Look for him to be running soon and please support the Level Renner 10K next month in Brockton. There is individual and team prize money.

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