Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wild Turkey 5 Mile Run - Salem

Krissy and I before the start
"Cut your tangents you rookies," I yelled as we turned left around the Salem Common following the start of the race. Same course this year with the exception of the last 300m wrapping up the 5 mile loop just in front of the Knights of Columbus. I felt like junk from the gun - seeing the group I should have been with just ahead and pulling away after my 5:30 opening mile. I saw the leader, Villanova athlete - Justin Williamz ripping around Winter Island after mile 2 absolutely killing it. I plugged away and cheered the group running into Winter Island as I exited. I managed to catch a guy at 2.9 miles and another at 4 to move up two places. CMS t'mate Matt Viega was way ahead battling it out for 5th. I finished 7th overall with a time of 28:31 - well off my reasonable 27:45 expectation. I took the effort in stride. It was a stiff reminder that not all races go as planned and the body told me right away how it was going. I touched base with Justin who took the win to get the scoop on his affiliation to Lynn (as seen in other race results) and his progress at Villanova. His DMR team is one second off the World Record (Taxas and Leo Manzano hold it) and his team is chasing that in 2015. Yes, world record! The Lynn affiliation relates to his girlfriend. Proud to see Krissy finish the race as she had doubts after some knee pain recently. Another turkey day race in the books. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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