Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wicked Frosty Four Salem

Arrived early with Krissy to score primo parking and a table inside the Tavern in the Sqaure. Headed out for a 2 mile warm up with Dennis Floyd, Joe Shairs, and Martin Tighe as late as possible so as to not sit around for fifteen minutes before the ten o'clock start. The wind was going to be in the grill for the 2nd half of the race. Noted. Cold only if you were not moving. The sun felt good. New Balance flats and CMS singlet ready for battle with eight minutes to spare. Jordan Williamsz was in the house chasing the lead police vehicle from the word go. Dan Chruniak was in second with Joe hunting him down after a mile. He got close at mile two. I found a partner in David Long. Matched strides from start to finish. Not even separated by two seconds, ever. Tough as nails as mentioned in the past. Surged as if I was coaching him. I followed and matched where applicable. Tried to help at mile three. Lasted thirty seconds while the wind resisted any forward motion. Settled in like a vet, waiting to open up at an opportune time. However, Dave got a good jump down the stretch into the finish besting me by a tick. The crowd was into it but my legs were tap city. 22:45 (5:42/mile), 5th place, third 40+ behind Joe and David. I got some warm clothes on and ran the course in the opposite direction with the guys. I will get back on the horse for eight laps of oxygen debt at BU in a few days. Is a sub 4:50 possible? 4:52 seed time is in.

Today's mile splits per Garmin

Wicked Frosty Four results - January 1, 2015
Last three years at Frosty
2015: 5th 22:45 (5:42)
2014: 7th 21:46 (5:27)
2013: 1st 22:22 (5:36)

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