Monday, March 9, 2015

New Hampshire & Northeast Snowshoe Championships

The whole winter almost got by without me racing a snowshoe race. The New Hampshire and Northeast Championship event was hosted by Acidotic Racing on the trails next to Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough. Several gorgeous views of Lake Winnipesaukee were offered along the single track. Several CMS men and women were in attendance which was nice to see. As soon as the race started, it funneled into the single track. I made sure Todd Callaghan and Alex Hall got in front of me before it tightened up seconds after the start. If one were to step outside of that single track that was two feet wide - would be a risk as you would post hole and lose balance. This was the case throughout the race that was advised as being 6.1 miles. My position as it turned out was perfect. It gave me cushion between Alex in front of me and any pressure behind which was not an issue until late in the race. I passed one person before 2 miles as he stepped aside putting me behind Alex Hall who was dominating the down hills. David Martino caught me at 4.7 miles and held me off at the end by five seconds. It was nice to get out on the trails and feel the quads and lungs burn a bit. CMS got top spot on the team podium and several raffle prizes were handed out as Acidotic put on another classy event. 

Place Time   Pace  Name              Team                       
9      53:08  8:43 James Pawlicki    CMS


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