Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lone Gull 10K

The Lone Gull 10K was the last of the USATF New England Grand Prix road race series (7th) for which I have run all so far in 2015. I ran a warm up with Dan Vassallo, Joe Shairs, and Martin Tighe beyond the first and last miles of the course. It was cloudy, humid, with temps in the low 70's. I started on the far right a step in front of Dan Verrington and Dave Dunham. I was next to Nick Taormina and Arthur for the mile. Tim Van Orden was a stride ahead looking cool, calm, and collective. The next few miles rolled through Eastern Point next to Arthur. I started to feel the pace and lost touch on the next mile and back out to the water. My struggle continued along the water with a bit of head wind. Kevin Alliette was helping Michael Cooney along (teammates on Whirlaway) with words of encouragement to finish strong with 800m to go. That got me fired up and I encouraged them to give it one last push up the hill before a nice downhill into a flat finish. Michael smoked me but in pursuit, I managed to catch Katie Misuraca (BAA, Gloucester), women's winner just before the finish. My guntime of 35:50 (5:46) gave me a placing of 77th place. Our CMS masters team who was trailing BAA by one point in the series, lost to them for the 2nd time in three weeks for a respectable 2nd place for the day and 2015 series.

Garmin history and random thoughts
5:28 feeling good, racing with teammates
5:42 a little hill, saw and yelled for Bob Gillis (Team Gloucester but spectating)
5:41 into Eastern Point, sun pops out when this is the only shade for the course
5:57 Wicked Good Guy, Mike Paulin blows by and I lose touch with Arthur
5:50 OK, suck it up Jimmy
6:01 unraveling but team Whirlaway lifted my misery with 400m to go

I sucked down no less than three freeze pops after the finish line. I caught up with the mates and the competition. It was awesome to have Martin and Tivo back racing. After an asessment with John Gillis that I was blowing off a cool down, I ran a 3.5 mile cool down along the Long Beach boardwalk with him. I got back to the race awards and confirmed the team scoring. The CMS open team was 4th, masters and seniors 2nd. I now set my racing attention to some cross country racing with no marathon distractions.

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