Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Assault on Mt Hood 3.5 mile xc

Next on the calendar was the 11th Annual 3.5 mile Assault on Mt Hood cross country race. This is a tough course all over the Mt Hood golf course. It was a new course with a few new twists as in more elevation. CMS had five guys and we wanted to make two teams of a scoring three members so I recruited Andreas Heilmann who was solo for the BAA. We made a masters team of Tim Van Orden, Gregory Putnam, and myself. The open team was made up of Matt Veiga, Dan Verrington, and Andreas who has won this race in the past. The weather was perfect, sunny and close to 50. After a clean start, the crowd narrowed onto a cart path and 800m in, we were single file looping around Mt Hood.

It is all about the Nut Cracker prizes
Photo by KrissyK
Coming down on the cart path, I noticed my right foot feeling some discomfort on each foot plant and push off. The thin Inov8 flats were not helping any and I tried to run on grass any chance I could and avoid any rocks into the ball of my foot. I focused on Matt Veiga ahead while the hills continued. The second mile was a blistering 6:30. I caught Matt eventually but it was not easy.
Coming down the hill in pursuit
Photo by KrissyK
The last mile was tough as I passed one CRC runner but could not catch the other. I finished 9th overall, 3rd master behind Tim (3rd OA) and Greg (6OA). 20:55 was the time with a pace of 5:59 per mile. The masters team took the win over NETT and CRC. The open team placed 2nd overall behind NETT and ahead of CRC. You can’t beat the post-race party. A Mt Hood pint glass with beer, pasta, salad, cookies, and Nut Cracker prizes awaited.

Less than 800m to go. Slow and painful.
Photo by KrissyK

11th Annual Assault on Mt Hood 3.5 mile cross country results

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