Monday, January 11, 2016

Lazy Dog Classy 3 mile

I stopped by the Lazy Dog Sports Bar to register and buy a few raffle tickets. It was raining out and windy. It was sure to scare a few people away which was a shame as the proceeds support the Lynn Classical Girls Track and Field program. Classical coach and race director, Stephen Martin, gave me a hug and thanked me for coming. As Joe O’Leary said to me years ago, Stephen is one of the nicest guys in the sport.  He is doing a great job with assistant coaches like Warren McPhail at Lynn Classical. I drove home, changed, and ran back over to the race. I got to the line greeting training partners Joe O’Leary and Nakri Dao. The three of us jumped right out at the start. Joe and I ran side by side down Euclid Ave through mile 1 in 5:44. I did not check the split but the effort felt like a 5:30. I lost a step at 1.5 miles to Joe. He floated away down Broadway. My 2nd mile was a 5:29. He had five seconds on me. I was just trying to keep it close in the last mile. Joe broke tape with a 17:09 and I for 2nd place and 17:20 (last mile was 5:52). Nakri came in at 18:06 for 3rd. All three of us are 40+, taking the top three.  With the wind and rain not letting up, we headed back out to get a cool down and discussed our races. After two miles with them, I broke away, headed home for a shower. Krissy and I went back for the awards for which I was late but Stephen handed me envelopes for Tides in Nahant. They will be put to good use. We stayed for lunch and caught up with Stephen and Bill Mullen.

Myself, Bill Mullen, Nakri Dao
Photo by Krissy


  1. Hey Jim, Keep up the great work. Jim Johnson of Madison NH put your name in a raffle for a metal detector and you are a winner. Could you contact Jim and once we know what detector you prefer then we will ship it out at no charge. Let Jim know as soon as possible. Nice running and Happy Trails!

    1. Ignore Michael Weinberg of Worcester, Ma. He is a blog stalker and needs to take his meds.