Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No so Around Cape Ann 25K

With a plan to run the Bay State Marathon, I wanted to put the legs into a steady state of uncomfortable miles. The ACA25K, Around Cape Ann 25K, road race sounded like a good idea. The course rolls around the perimeter of Cape Ann via Gloucester and Rockport. There are some hills but the scenery usually takes that concern away until the later stages of the course where there is no shade.

The weather was outstanding, a comfortable 60’s and sunny. I was with Nick Taormina (CMS) and Kieran Condon (SRR) after a minute into the race – a good spot I figured and only six runners ahead of us. Kieran dropped us after 5K to reel in those ahead.

After we passed 5 miles in 31:20, Nick asked me how I was doing? I had just felt a twinge and dull ache behind my left knee about 10 seconds earlier. I backed off the pace. A mile later, a sharp stabbing pain attacked the troubled area and ended my effort right there. I could not put any pressure on the leg. I pulled off to the left shoulder on the road and had a seat in a hurry. Matt Curran stopped by on his bike to check on me but not much could be done. I told him I would flag down a ride one way or the other. I hobbled over to the other side of the street and had a seat on a rock.

About 25 runners went by when Nick’s sister, Katie Misuraca stopped by and offered a ride. We continued to drive along the race and cheer the race on. Kieran moved up a spot and Nick was right on top of catching a Colgate runner near Good Harbor Beach. They looked exhausted. Katie got us back to the finish line about 20 minutes ahead of the race so I changed into some warm clothes where I found Krissy confused. I hobbled over to the finish and waited for the runners to come in. Nick finished in 6th place with a 6:35 pace. Kieran took the top 40+ spot, 4th overall with a 6:16 pace.

Below were my splits.

Mile 1    6:10
Mile 2    6:08
Mile 3    6:11
Mile 4    6:14
Mile 5    6:24
Mile 6    7:07
0.3          7:29

Over the course of the next few days, I got an MRI. Initial diagnosis was a lateral tear of the meniscus. The official word was a minor tear of the medial meniscus (inside toward the back of the knee). It is odd because the pain I feel/felt is on the lateral side.

“Abnormal high signal from the posterior horn medial meniscus with increased signal extending to the lateral aspect of its superior articular surface consistent with a tear.”

The good news is surgery is not needed and it was suggested to give it a few weeks. I spent a day on crutches. Each day the knee is getting better. I went out for a bike ride six days later. I am still walking gingerly and I will feel some pain if I twist or land on the knee wrong while walking. I am not going to rush it but have a feeling I will be back on the road by the end of the month and full contact football by end of October. 


  1. Don't listen to the Doctor. He will tell you to take 3 daily doses of 800mg of Ibuprofen WHICH IS THE TRUE EQUIVALENT OF DRINKING BEER FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER. Bad. Very Bad. Toxic. Let it heal right.

  2. Sounds like what I had after Manchester last year. I rested it a little, but it was actually running that made it go away. The more I ran, the better it got until I was pain-free a month later. Weird. Hope yours heals quickly!!