Monday, May 21, 2018

Trav's Trail Run

I was looking forward to the 3 mile trail run in MaudslayState Park in Newburyport. The weather was sunny and humid, a departure from the cool weather the day before. It was nice to see Nate Jenkins at the race hanging out as he recovers from hip surgery. Stay positive my friend! I went off on a nice warm up on the course with Dave and Greg giving us a chance to catch up on trailing, racing, and life.

The race went out fast, the benefit of an immediate downhill. It thins out after a half mile as the rolling hills and shade embark on the runners. Chris Kealy, now 50 years young, wheeled by me ¾ of a mile in and Dave Dunham went by after the mile. I felt flat and proceeded on autopilot mode. I had Connor Welch in sight on the last hill but I was hurting just as bad as him. My time was 18:18, 12th place. I was 11th last year with a time of 17:28. CMS teammate Greg Putnam took the last envelope, placing 3rd in 16:26. My goal was to finish within a minute of him.

Dave finished 14 seconds behind Chris Kealy in the battle of the Seniors (17:38 to 17:52). I had a refreshing slow cool down with Chris who was educating me on his Flag Day race coming up in June and some coaching that he has been doing. The awards got delayed so they decided to have the raffle first. Krissy score some New Balance socks right off the bat. I managed to score a New Balance backpack, courtesy of an age group placing.

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