Monday, February 11, 2019

Bradford Valentine Race - 5 miles

Bradford is a village and former town according to Wikipedia. Go get your history. Not too many road races out there for the tough folks seeking to hit the pavement in early February. Bradford just so happens to be home of Dave Dunham and Dan Verrington, long time CMS studs. Mr. Verrington lives steps away from the start and finish. In fact, three generations of Verrington’s ran in the race on Saturday.

The Bradford Valentine Race has a 6K and 5 mile distance. I tried to convince Krissy to take part in the team event where I run a distance and she runs the other. She would have none of it and I stubbornly ran the same 5 mile distance she wanted to tackle with friends. Sure. No problem. I seem to have forgotten the hills and elevation on this one. A mile in, I was reminded. Into mile 2, yep, just passing by Bradford Ski Area. Enough said.

I got a huge can a whoop ass laid on my legs and trainers. But nice course though. I got zero company after setting up camp once Jaclyn Solomine (the UML alum and her dad won the team event for father/daughter) went by after a mile. I had one 19 year old constantly 15 seconds ahead but no head or tail wind on the day was going to help me. 31:24 for a time at the finish line, 11th place, 1st 40 plus age group.

Dug deep into the archives to see what I ran here back in 2006 at age 31. 7th place with a sterling 27:57, rather respectable that I would not have called it a hilly course then. Dave Hinga smoked the course in 25:45. Time flies. Splits below, stopped my watch about 7 seconds after the finish. 2019 Bradford Valentine 5 mile results.

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