Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1 hour run

I used the local opportunity to attend the Lynn Parks and Recreation Departments offering with the help of USATF New England to run the 1hr Masters Championship at Manning Field. The event was touting the potential of records which happened in the women's race as Caterina Misuraca and Jan Holmquist did. See the results. I was curious about the event as it was offered a few times last summer and the men's race on this particular night was promoting masters which is 40+ age group. I got a chance to watch it and was curious about running it this year. Watching the race last summer was fun and the hour went by fast – as a spectator. As for participating, it was sort of the opposite. The first 15 minutes were fun, I trailed Central Mass Strider teammates Ryan Collins and Nick Taormina as they planned on six minute pace to start with. I was merely a pedestrian who was fit for enough for holding that for 30 minutes. Ryan dropped the pace and Nick followed. I dropped back and ran solo with the exception of lapping the other participants. I gave each words of encouragement as my head and legs were absolutely mush after 45 minutes. My right calf cramped at minute 47. I took my water bottle (handed to me from the Lynn English ROTC program volunteers), carried it along for a lap, trying to hydrate. The volunteers from the ROTC program were absolutely awesome. Each runner had a volunteer with a clip board, tracking laps and cheering as we ran by. Nick almost lapped me and as the one hour gun went off, we was only 40 yards behind me. Ryan, who had to take a pit stop at some point, finished second. All three of us went beyond 9 miles and change. Caterina who won the women's race an hour later, would have beat all of us and lapped us twice. 

1hr Run USATF New England Lynn Parks and Recreation Department results (men)

Ryan, Nick, and I representing CMS
Photo by Bill Mullen

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