Sunday, February 14, 2016

Snowshoe Classic at Brooksby Farm

The truck was pretty angry when I started it up. -5 degrees outside. Fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the Brooksby Farm parking lot, shocked  that it was only half full thirty minutes before the 10AM start. I went inside the retail store and glad to see Bob and Denise Dion from Dion Snowshoes.  I grabbed my goodie bag (contained a pair of gloves, socks, hand warmers, caramel candy, a stick of honey) and number and headed back to the truck to start a warm up with Brett Rickenbach. It was chilly into the wind but not too bad otherwise in the layers that I had on. I saw Dave Dunham after I got my snowshoes on and we traded notes on the course for which he said was a little tricky in terms of being able to see arrows in and on the snow in a few areas. He was right.

We were off after few words from the race crew and I jumped into the lead with Dave right behind. I was working hard and stumbling a bit to stay on top of the snow. Dave floated by a half mile in and got us into the woods. After a mile, I mentioned our split, just for awareness (7:53?). I moved around Dave a minute later as I felt good and wanted to bear some of the load. The footing was fast and ideal in the woods. I wish we had more trail portions within the race. We got out into the field and I did not see any arrows so I gambled on one of three ways to go. I picked the path based on what I recall the course was a few years ago and common sense that would get us back up to the finish area. I was right as a red arrow in the snow awaited 30 seconds later taking us up the hill. 

Dave was on my heels making sure I did not take any time off on the deeper snow or in the last climb. I held on for the win with Dave just four seconds back. The course measured out to 2.7 miles, shorter than the 3 miles/5K that I knew of in the past. Brett mentioned where they changed the course this year during our cool down. My time was 21:21. I got the shoes off right away and wanted to cool down just as fast after giving a few answers to a local Peabody Patch reporter. Dave, Brett, and I did a short cool down on the roads before heading inside to enjoy hot apple cider, Apple Crisp, soups, sandwiches, and raffle prizes. Race results

Brett and Dave post race

Dave and I in the CMS gear

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