Friday, June 22, 2018

CMS Members Only 5K event

I got to the VFW Hall in Boylston after a 100 minute drive from Quincy. Had some time to lend a hand and set up table cloths and center pieces. I warmed up for 2 miles with Phil Savoy Jr and Barbara McManus. I added another mile and tied my shoes tighter a few minutes before the 6:30 start. I found a tick crawling on each sneaker. Yikes! I got them a few minutes earlier when I jogged a few steps on a trail. Race started and I was prepared for six minute miles.

Bryan Trinque trailed me until the mile, 5:47. He took the lead and never looked back. My 2nd mile was 6:08 but rebounded with a 5:55 last mile. Bryan took the win with a time around 18:02. I rolled in for 2nd around 18:42 which was a good year.

After a 2 mile cool down with Bryan, we stopped and chatted with Dan Vassallo who arrived. Poor guy had a nasty commute too. We went in the hall and had a catered dinner on the club. We voted for the next CMS board and I signed Krissy and I up for the Fred Warren 5.5 mile for two Lincoln's.

The highlight of the night was to walk up with Barbara to allow her to announce that Dan was being awarded a lifetime CMS membership and a gift to get him to his trials qualifier. This club rocks. What a great gesture by the board. Dan came up and got the award. I asked him to read the quote that he provided a week before he finished 10th at the Boston Marathon. It was along the lines of taking out a few scalps with bad weather. He sure did.

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