Monday, December 22, 2008

happiness ends where happiness begins

Welcome to my blog. We'll see where this goes. I am still resisting facebook and myspace. I'll put some running stuff in here but doubt I will be updating this daily. I am working with teamate, Jim Johnson to set up a CMS men's open racing page to be linked to our CMS web site soon. We definately need a place to post weekly results, news, upcoming races, and other musings that the team wants to talk about. I have envisioned an idea to have a bio and picture of each team member.

In the meantime, feel free to check in and advise how your training is going. I try to check on race results every weekend so I know what the competition is up to. I ran a 3K at the first of three BU development meets on 12/20. I ran an evenly paced race if you were to break down the mile vs what would have been the second mile. I was about 5:10 at the mile. It was nice to be rolling around the track but it has been a foreign adventure since I have not stepped onto any track surface since August. I guess it showed a bit. I will give it another crack in two weeks. I am going to see Jack Daniels this Saturday at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

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