Monday, January 5, 2009

BU Development Meet #3

I picked up Ben Strain in Beverly at 8:20am and headed into Boston for the last of three BU development meets. We were both running the 3K but were certainly going to wind up in different heats as he was looking to get under 9:15 and I was looking for a 9:30. Ben ended running 9:14.71 in heat two. I got into the 3rd heat with a mild seed time of 9:38 based off what I almost ran two weeks ago (9:39). I got into "no mans" land after 800m and just focused on getting through the mile as close to 5:00. I went through around 5:04 and looked toward reeling in a few guys in front of me with about five laps to go. I focused on keeping my shoulders square and not to fall into a long distance shuffle. CSU and longtime running buddy Joe Fischetti was losing it everytime I ran by him on the infield. He was a big help. I closed in and passed three runners over the last 600m and had a strong finish. I did not get any particular splits other than the mile nor did I even hear a lap split at any point. Just as well but hit my goal of a 9:30. I am aiming to sign up for the 3K at the GBTC Relays in two weeks. I think I will shoot for a 4:59 mile and see what I can drag through in the last seven laps.

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