Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camp Harbor View Island 5k

Kristen met me at work tonight and we drove a mile to Marina Bay for a 5:15 ferry full of runners heading to Long Island about two miles away. It is one of 34 islands in the Boston Harbor. The race is almost an out and back on the island. I caught up with Mike Digennaro - 2004 Olympic Trialist in the Steeple Chase on a warm up while finding the course rather hilly for the two mile warm up. I expected a flat course. I slid into 2nd place after 1200m, through the turn around until just before two miles in 10:50. Mike blew by me and the leader who had a stride on me and enroute to the course record, 16:38. I got passed the early leader, Christopher Kantos with about 1k remaining and finished in 2nd overall with a 17:06. A huge BBQ followed. I feasted on two Buffalo Chicken Burritos from Boloco while checking on my coworkers who ran the race. A total of ten Boston Scientific team members ran tonight. DMSE directed a fine race. I had a chance to talk to Dave McGillivray to see what he may have in store for future races like Mount Washington. I picked up a Dunkin Donuts Gift Card and Water Bottle for the effort then caught a 9:30 ferry back to Marina Bay.

Splits: 5:21 mile, 10:50 2 mile, mile 3 was ugly!
Full results
July 29, 2010 Event Direction: DMSE SPORTS Long Island, Boston Harbor, MA
Place Divpl Tot Div Nettime Pace Guntime Name Ag S Race# City/state

1 1/ 99 M3039 16:38 5:21 16:38 Michael Digennaro 32 M 686 Wilmington DE
New record. Old record 16:41 by Scott Munro in 2009
2 2/ 99 M3039 17:06 5:30 17:06 James Pawlicki 35 M 523 Beverly MA
3 1/105 M2029 17:18 5:34 17:18 Christopher Kantos 24 M 530 Boston MA
4 3/ 99 M3039 17:31 5:39 17:31 Murray McCutcheon 35 M 180 Boston MA
5 1/ 35 M4049 17:49 5:44 17:49 Jim Dina 48 M 573 Boston MA


  1. Absolutely agree - a fine event, surprisingly challenging course with those unexpected hills and fantastic atmosphere.

  2. Good race Jim. Too bad you didn't beat Digennaro--that would've been a nice feather in your cap! Next time, no doubt.

  3. Yeah, definately a great atmosphere and challenging course. An island should be flat right! KG - next time buddy :)