Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stowe 8 miler

Stowe, VT was the next stop in the USATF New England Grand Prix series. An odd distance of 8 miles is rare, however, not to the Grand Prix series as this race has hosted the championship in the past. The trip to Vermont allows me to visit some family so this weekend is a pleasure each time. Kristen booked us at the Old England Inn which turned out to be the race headquarters. In addition, the start and finish line were steps away from the property as well. I was able to get my bib number and shirt on Saturday just before a race reception was held out on the deck at the Inn. Following the reception, Kristen and I grabbed some dinner at the Pie in the Sky for a BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Logistics getting to the start was as easy. I rolled down the hill and was at the start with a four minute walk. CMS had over twenty five runners combined representing the racing team. Our open team got box four in a cross country style start on a field. Thus everyone but the leaders ate dust for the first 300m. I went through the first mile around 5:37 per Jeff Goupil who planned on starting the race with me. I failed to wear a watch so the rest of the splits are unknown and a good thing as I could tell that my pace began to crawl in second half of this rolling and scenic course. Most of the race was uneventful and I never really got into the race. Dave Dunham ran past me at mile seven and I had to get involved to keep up with him. Soon we were closing in on the finish where I kept a step in front of Dave. I finished in 55th place out of 885 runners. My official time of 46:28.2 was good for a 5:49 pace per mile. I was shooting for 5:40 pace. Thus missed it and not terribly down about the slower pacing.

Complete results with photos by Ted Tyler

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