Sunday, July 18, 2021

Bill Luti 5 miler

The CARS events continued with the Bill Luti 5 mile road race in Concord, NH. Joe Shairs drove us to the race for the 8AM mass start. After a mile plus warmup, did some light stretching and got in about four rows back from the line. Felt decent, good form for the 6:55 opening mile. That was followed by a long climb and a 7:34 mile. 

The course rolled from there but would say more fast than slow. Knee had some issue before mile 4 which had me easing up on any downhills. Wrapped up with a 7:10 last mile to place 104th, 6th in age group and chip time of 36:08 (7:14). Not too bad and quicker than the 10K three weeks ago.

Joe killed it with a 28:58, top senior. Dave Dunham was the 2nd Senior. The team placed 2nd overall which has been the norm the whole series.

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